Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto Pioneer Innovation with the Launch of LIFEFORMS Music Label

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Tim Engelhardt, celebrated as one of electronic music’s brightest talents, ventures into uncharted territory with the launch of his own music label, LIFEFORMS. Collaborating with Dr. Nicolas Pinto, a French scientist and producer based in the US, Tim introduces a paradigm shift in the music industry. LIFEFORMS is not just a record label; it’s an avant-garde playground for artists to redefine their creative boundaries through the fusion of music and innovative technologies.

Tim Engelhardt, a stalwart in the electronic music realm, joins forces with Dr. Nicolas Pinto to unveil LIFEFORMS, a pioneering music label set to revolutionize the industry. Tim, known for his chart-topping records on esteemed labels like Scenarios, Stil Vor Talent, and Poker Flat Recordings, now ventures into uncharted territory alongside Dr. Pinto, a French scientist and producer based in the US.

LIFEFORMS is not your typical record label. It’s a dynamic platform conceived to empower artists through innovative technologies and foster authentic self-expression. This visionary initiative aims to break traditional norms by providing artists with more than just a space to craft their music. It’s a playground where they can experiment with cutting-edge tools such as AI, blockchain, and other inventive technologies, thus redefining the landscape of creative freedom.

Amidst embracing groundbreaking technology, LIFEFORMS remains unwavering in its commitment to spotlight soulful, original music. The label seeks to play a pivotal role in artists’ career development, offering guidance and access to modern tools that enable them to fully explore their artistic potential. LIFEFORMS aims to be at the forefront of forward-thinking creativity in the music industry.

Speaking about the label launch, Tim Engelhardt commented,

“I’m excited to collaborate with Nicolas Pinto, who shares my enthusiasm for tech and music, on this label and deliver unique releases and experiences. LIFEFORMS is the culmination of years of dedicated work, with our journey beginning last year as we meticulously curated tracks. Our vision for LIFEFORMS extends beyond a label; it’s a dynamic platform. It’s a place to unveil new music, foster collaboration, nurture emerging artists and empower them to explore the possibilities of tech-driven creativity. Musically, LIFEFORMS promises a diverse tapestry of genres. However, at our core, a distinct sonic identity will always be woven through every release. Our excitement stems from the opportunity to spotlight some of the most talented artists within our scene, while also embarking on a journey to discover new and captivating voices.” 

Tim Engelhardt inaugurates the LIFEFORMS catalog with ‘Wide Awake’, a remarkable Indie Dance composition accompanied by a more dancefloor-leaning Club Version. Released today, this chugging record features the enchanting vocals of German singer-songwriter Jyll (Sommersville, Armada, YION) and perfectly encapsulates the label’s commitment to diverse and eclectic musical output. Tim’s profound understanding of harmonies and melodic structures, coupled with his genre-crossing dexterity, is showcased in this debut release, highlighting both deep artistry and technical prowess.

As LIFEFORMS takes its first steps into the musical landscape, it promises to be a transformative force, transcending conventional boundaries and redefining how artists engage with their craft. Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto invite you to join them on this avant-garde journey where innovation meets artistic freedom.

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