Tom Zeta launches Zeta Flavour with happy single ‘Oops!’

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Dutch artist Tom Zeta drops a bragadocious new single as the inaugural release from his new imprint, Zeta Flavour.

Some music just tends to be made for happy people and Dutch producer Tom Zeta loves to make happy music. Having been making House and Techno music since the age of 15, Zeta saw his music released through several different labels. Eventually, Zeta decided it was about time for him to start his own label, resulting in Zeta Flavour‘s creation. To celebrate the start of his brand new label, Zeta decided to drop a hoppy new single he titled ‘Oops!‘.

‘Oops!’ as a single lends a very bragadocious attitude to it, thanks mostly in part to the vocals on it. A standard House beat serves as the track’s foundation, with synths that feel reminiscent of late 2000s dance music added. Additional beatboxing further adds a sense of rhythm to the track, while giving it a retro sheen as well too. Overall, a track like this feels like the perfect tune for a crew of B-boys to choreograph a routine for. It truly has a great vibe, indeed.

Tom Zeta set his new label imprint on the right path with a perfect song to match its positive intentions. Hopefully, future releases and signees live up to the label’s potential and make it a success like other big imprints.

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