Tomorrowland Crowned World’s Number 1 Festival in 2023

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Tomorrowland, the iconic music festival held in Boom, Belgium, has been voted as the world’s number-one festival for the year 2023.

This prestigious recognition comes courtesy of DJ Mag readers, who cast over 100,000 verified votes in the annual Top 100 Festivals poll conducted between April 26th and June 21st. And the reign of Tomorrowland as being world’s number-one festival continues, reaffirming its status as a global cultural phenomenon.

This is DJ Mag’s third Top 100 Festivals ranking, with the second edition being a public poll. In its inaugural year in 2019, the list was determined by votes from DJs and artists. However, this year’s poll saw an impressive 100,000+ verified votes from music enthusiasts worldwide.

Tomorrowland’s consistent presence at the pinnacle of the Top 100 Festivals ranking is a remarkable achievement. It was the reigning world’s number 1 festival in the previous year’s poll as well. This continuity underscores Tomorrowland’s exceptional influence and lasting appeal in the music festival world.

The festival’s co-founder and organizer, Michiel Beers, emphasized the unwavering spirit of Tomorrowland, especially in the face of unprecedented challenges. He remarked,

“After two unprecedented years and enormous losses, there was absolutely no room for any failure in 2022. But we always kept believing, in our passionate team, the people of Tomorrow, all artists, partners, and suppliers all over the world. We never let go of hope and continued to write our stories with healthy ambition, big dreams, and positive vibes.”

Michiel Beers (co-founder and organizer, Tomorrowland)

A hallmark of Tomorrowland’s grandeur is its mainstage, renowned as the largest and most elaborate of any festival globally. The mainstage undergoes a breathtaking transformation each year, aligned with a chosen theme. In 2022, festival-goers witnessed the largest mainstage ever, spanning an astonishing 270 meters in width and standing 53 meters tall.

Fans can look forward to another year of music, magic, and memories at the world’s number-one festival as Tomorrowland redefines creativity and innovation in the festival landscape.

Image Credits: Tomorrowland Website

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