Tripolism returns with powerful new single ‘Whatever We Call It’

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Having solidified their status as one of electronic music’s most celebrated breakthrough acts since their formation in 2021, the Danish trio Tripolism is set to make a resounding entrance into the New Year. Their highly anticipated announcement of the latest single, ‘Whatever We Call It,’ marks their third collaboration with the renowned Ultra Records.

Whatever We Call It‘ by Tripolism unveils yet another mesmerizing masterclass in dynamic, forward-thinking house music from the Scandinavian trio. Drawing on the undeniable talents of Norwegian artist Meera, the track introduces a fresh vocal perspective that seamlessly complements the act’s inimitable production values. This unequivocally cool cut boasts rolling grooves, warped vocal injections, and an intricate fusion of industrial timbres and analog tones. The result is a delectably trippy single that not only reinforces Tripolism’s highly nuanced sonic identity but also provides listeners with a spirited glimpse into what promises to be an exciting forthcoming 2024 discography from the innovative outfit.

“Teaming up with Meera for ‘Whatever We Call It’ was an energetic burst waiting to happen. She reached out on Instagram in April 2023, expressing love for ‘Dope Dance’ before its release. Despite never having met in person, we hit it off online, and our creative exchanges turned into a high-voltage collaboration that just clicked. ‘Whatever We Call It’ is an energetic journey filled with the spontaneous synergy we discovered, and we can’t wait for everyone to feel the vibe”

– Tripolism

Establishing themselves as one of the most authentic and exhilarating new acts on the music circuit, Tripolism’s journey has been marked by a fusion of musical expertise and a fervent dedication to cross-genre exploration. Their collective knowledge and passion have propelled them to rapid international acclaim in just a few short years. Bursting onto the scene in 2021, they made a notable impact with standout releases on esteemed labels such as Out of Options, Metrica, Just This, and Balance Music. Throughout this prolific journey, the trio has cultivated a devoted fan base, spanning the globe, drawn to their distinctive blend of melodic techno and subtle Nordic noir influences. Tripolism’s unique musical narrative continues to captivate audiences, solidifying their position as a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of electronic music.

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