Truth x Lies drops eclectic tech-house single ‘Dos Gardenias’

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New York-based duo Truth x Lies have impressed listeners with another single titled ‘Dos Gardenias.’ The song comes as the 10th release under Lee Foss’s ‘North of Neptune’ record label which is a part of the ‘Repopulate Mars’ brand, and it is definitely a notable and versatile track.

Truth x Lies, consisting of Ian Bertles and Ryan Howard are going to continue to attract more of a following and become a more prominent part of the scene as 2023 goes on. So far, they have released ‘The Get Down‘ and ‘Dos Gardenias’ this year, but the duo won’t be stopping now and it’ll be exciting to see what else they release throughout the summer and these upcoming months.  ‘Dos Gardenias’ was released on Friday the 12th of May and the dynamic duo’s use of a different language in this new song makes it stand out and represents how they intend to keep their sound fresh with this Latin American electronic tune.

The rhythmic opening instantly captivates the listeners as Truth X Lies establish their sound and vibe right from the start – reminding listeners of the electronic genre that they love. As the foundation of the song is inaugurated, the volume builds and creates a crescendo on the predominant catchy beat of the song. After listeners have heard the voltaic hook of the song, the Latino genre is incorporated into the song with a brass section to it. The trumpet is unexpected for Truth X Lies which elucidates how the duo want to keep their listeners entertained by experimenting with different sounds. Additionally, the trumpet leads into the build-up and breakdown that introduces the lyrics. The lyrics and vocals on the track solidify the Spanish influence on this electronic track.

As the song develops further it begins to fluctuate between the main foundation sound and the beat. On top of that, more elements and generated sounds begin to be introduced which indicates that a clear memorable drop is coming. The song increases its pace getting faster and faster in the classic genre style, and where a ferocious bass drop is expected, Truth X Lies go beyond these conventions and we hear the trumpet again layered with piano sounds. The atypical fusion between electronic and Latin symbolises how modern 2023 music can beautifully flow with more traditional styles. This amalgamation makes this track accessible to many audiences who like a plethora of different genres.

After the climax, the falling action of the song remains thrilling. It returns to its Spanish roots with the vocals and brass for a final time until it re-highlights the technical house sound with its resonant drums and basslines.

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