Tumzz feat. Kadhem – Us (EZEK Remix) [Outer Space Oasis]

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Buy link: https://bit.ly/3v8xBOl

Focus and passion are two words that define Tumzz & Kadhem’s trajectory well. These young talented producers arises with each new release and they are striving to deliver the best melodic techno gems.

The 3-tracker release constitutes a solid base that is the result of the union of the serious and solid work of them.

The title track “Us”, intersperses two melodic lines in an analogous way the stars cosmic dance, an epic and intergalactic feeling emphasized by orchestral strings, a characteristic very present in Tumzz & Kadhem’s productions. The break’s return is euphoric and powerful, with timbres so hot that they can warm even the coldest hearts. It is impossible not to fall in love with this tune!

Ezek’s remix, brilliantly combines two antagonistic forces, acid and melodic, symbolizing the duo essence, a perfect contrast between harmony and chaos, presenting characteristics never seen in the artist’s previous productions. It’s a powerful weapon, which fits perfectly in the most energetic moment of the dance floor!

NIC-O’s remix presents with a much more mysterious and esoteric style, succeeding in strongly printing his personality. The remix is impactful and borderless, thus suitable for powerful techno acts.

Release date: 2022-02-25


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