UMEK and Matteo Vitanza release new single ‘Trouble So Hard’

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Slovenian DJ UMEK returns to his record label, 1605, and teams up with Matteo Vitanza for a red-hot new single.

Sometimes, revamping an older track proves to be a good thing, UMEK recently proved in his recent collab single. Having come from Slovenia, UMEK spent the last 30 years building himself up to be a massively influential Techno artist. After releasing music on labels like Filth on Acid and Drumcode, he recently returned to his own record label, 1605. Along with that, UMEK also teamed up with Italian producer Matteo Vitanza for a new single titled ‘Trouble So Hard‘. TSH calls back to Moby‘s song ‘Natural Blues’, which takes lyrics from American blues singer Vera Hall’s similarly titled song.

‘Trouble So Hard’ begins with a pretty rapid beat that refuses to let up, making this quite an energetic track. Synths present on the track sound muted at first before the volume picks up and an audible, deep bassline appears. Vera Hall’s vocals show up as well, feeling buried in the mix a bit, but still noticeable, adding heavenly soul. Overall, TSH provides a bouncy, energetic vibe that only years of experience and practice can produce in the year 2023.

UMEK and Matteo Vitanza show what a 30-year veteran and a young producer with endless potential are capable of. This again proves to be a classic combination and further diminishes any stigma that may come.

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