Volaris debuts on Purified Records with ‘Aqua’ EP

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With his strong two-track Aqua EP, UK-based rocketing producer Volaris debuts his sound to Purified Records after several recent releases on Armada, Off The Grid, Sola, and Mau5trap.

The title tune, used and tested at Purified events and in Volaris‘ performances, combines dramatic instrumentation and powerful synths to grab listeners’ attention from the first beat. ‘Aqua’ invites the listener into the dance floor with its magnetic presence, creating a euphoric break. Volaris is one of the most intriguing artists in dance music right now, and the B-side tune ‘Sphere’ keeps the intensity levels high by fusing a heavy dose of groove with a progressive edge to create a peak time cut that will work its magic in sets around the world.

Volaris, rising quickly, released Through The Night on Armada in 2022 alongside Nathan Nicholson and Nightlapse. After catching the eye of renowned producer John Summit, he followed up with the first release by a producer other than the label owner, Off The Grid Records, on his brand-new imprint. There was an immediate demand for the cut after it was introduced to the dance music community as an ID in John Summit’s Ushuaïa set. The then-ID would later develop into a staple in Summit’s shows, consistently producing memorable moments.

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