Weekend Heroes release charming EP ‘Felt The Fire’

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The Israeli duo Weekend Heroes is back on Black Rose Recordings with 46th EP which features a remix from Erly Tepshi.

Weekend Heroes‘ title track ‘Felt The Fire‘ mesmerizes with enchanting vocals and a unique synth adorned with vibrato variations, creating a distinctive sonic experience. Released on Black Rose Recordings, the Erly Tepshi remix of the song, which is featured as the third and final track of the EP, elevates this enchantment by maintaining the atmospheric essence while introducing a darker, melancholic touch that crescendos into an emotional drop, offering a fresh perspective on the original composition.

The second track, ‘Uprising‘, is a thrilling mix of melodies, seamlessly blending a solid groove with a space lead that leaves a mark. The dynamic composition showcases the duo’s ability to craft a sonic narrative that keeps the audience on edge, creating an exhilarating musical journey.

In the diverse landscape of electronic music, the three tracks serve as a testament to the creativity and innovation of the duo. These tracks invite listeners to immerse themselves in a captivating sonic experience, transcending musical boundaries and demonstrating the limitless possibilities within the art of sound.

Weekend Heroes originated as a collaborative endeavor back in 2009. The project took shape through the joint efforts of two electronic scene veterans, Felix Nagorsky, also known as Timelock, and Eli Baltsan, recognized by the moniker DJ Zombi. Today, they continue to release music and tour worldwide, often playing to over 10,000 people on stages such as Playground Events Brazil and Atmosphere Festival Mexico. They were named the top-selling Beatport Anjunabeats artists of 2022.

Image Credits: (Press Kit)

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