Will Taylor (UK): “I try not to follow the trends because music is constantly evolving”

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We had the pleasure of speaking with London-based DJ and producer Will Taylor (UK). Speaking about this work as a DJ as well as his label FREAK, Taylor shares his insight into his craft and the artists he works to promote through his label.

Over the past two decades, Will Taylor (UK) has emerged as a prominent figure in the London music scene. As a DJ and producer, he advocates for the “earn your stripes” approach to advancing in the industry. Over time, he has cultivated a collection of reputable releases, solidifying his presence on global stages. We speak with the respected DJ about his creative process, why he created FREAK, and his ambitions for the future.

What first inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how has your vision evolved over the

I’ve always been into music since I was a 2-3 year old I’d be singing around the house as a child. This
doesn’t mean I can sing just means I love music. Then, when I hit 16-17 my brother-in-law showed me a
pair of turntables and the rest is history.

Can you walk us through your creative process when crafting tracks that resonate with both DJs
and audiences alike?

I make music for myself that I would play out because I believe if it’s something I’m going to play out
myself my fans will want to come see it. After all, it will be unique to me as an artist. I don’t
make music expecting other DJs to be playing it but when I get support from the likes of JJ, Carola & all
the big guns it’s a massive boost.

Thus far, could you share a standout moment or performance that holds a special place in your

There’s quite a popular video on my socials of me playing my track ‘Coconut Rum’ which went crazy so
if you haven’t seen that video or heard it yet, go check it out. It’s also OUT NOW on Mas Vida Label.

As the founder of FREAK label, you’ve provided a platform for emerging talent in the electronic
music scene. What qualities do you look for in artists you choose to collaborate with or feature
on your label?

Again this is based around me cause I created FREAK to help artists push through and give them a
platform but I only sign tracks that I’d personally play out so it’s another unique part of me. I don’t just
sign music because of who they are or what labels they have released on it has to be something I

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How do you stay ahead of trends while maintaining your unique sound and artistic integrity?

To be honest, I try not to follow the trends because music is constantly evolving and doing the loops so I
like to incorporate sounds people notice that are new but still stick to my deep tech vocal beats.

Your DJ sets span a wide range of venues, from intimate clubs to massive festivals. How do you
tailor your performances to suit different audiences and environments?

This would be the art of a DJ, knowing what music to play in what venue or stage is the whole reason
can or cannot be successful as a DJ, my advice to you DJs out there is to pay attention to your crowd don’t
just play the music you want to play if it’s not working because the dancefloor is a priority not you.

Collaboration seems to be a recurring theme in your career. How do you approach collaboration,
and what do you believe makes for a successful partnership in music?

To be honest all of my collabs have been with friends so it’s just making good music for fun that people
end up loving. Can’t beat that for a job.

Looking towards the future, what are your aspirations for your music career, and how do you
envision the evolution of the electronic music scene in the coming years?

For me as an artist, it’s to just continue to grow internationally and then bring my label FREAK global. I
started with one event at Fabric and it was crazy but a lot of work and I wasn’t ready to push into the
events industry yet so I believe that the next BIG goal is to make FREAK a worldwide name event.

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