Young Bombs and Deza release new track ‘Let You Down’

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The Canadian DJ-Duo team up with the LA singer-songwriter for an uplifting, dance floor masterpiece ‘Let You Down’.

Some DJs feel no need or desire to achieve pop success, while others carve pop music right into their DNA. Young Bombs chose the latter and, depending on who you ask, they figured out the formula pretty well. The Canadian duo started out as remixers, lending their duties to the likes of Nick Jonas, Billie Eilish, and Khalid. But before long, they decided it was time to start making their own tracks and it was a fantastic decision. Tracks like ‘BAD‘, ‘Kinda Funny‘, and ‘U Up?‘ helped build their 215+ million Spotify streams and 1.1M monthly active listeners.

Tracks like those also got the duo noticed by notable acts like Adventure Club, R3hab, and The Chainsmokers as well. Those acts brought Young Bombs with them on tour, helping the world see just what they’re sorely missing out on. They’ve also graced their presence at various festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, and Firefly Music Festival, to name a few. Now Young Bombs return with a new track titled ‘Let You Down’, a collaboration with LA-based singer and songwriter Deza.

The track starts off with some very ambient synths that set the mood for the track and what comes next. Rattling cymbals follow them, as well as synths that are grounded in melody and the bounciest beats of the year. Deza, however, steals the show, audience, and everything but the kitchen sink with her beautiful performance here on the track. The self-described “poetic pop” singer lives up to her title with her chart-ready vocals and honestly cold, yet poetic lyrics. Said lyrics talk about turning down an ex’s request to get back together, words we all wish to tell them.

As I’ve previously said, Young Bombs carved the workings of pop right into their DNA and it paid off extensively. By working with an immensely talented songwriter Luke Deza, they continue to soar their way to the top and beyond. Maybe an entry into Billboard’s Hot 100 could be well in sight and we’re looking at the next global sensation. Who knows?

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