10 facts about Anyma

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Back in 2021, Matteo Millieri made headlines when he launched his solo project, Anyma, which Milleri stated was created to blend music, art, and immersive realities in an effort to explore the following phase of consciousness. While electronic music is used to the combination of visuals and sounds, Anyma focused on emerging trends to connect with his audience, while also financially funding his project in the long term. Two years later, it appears he has done just that.

Check out ten facts about Anyma below.

1. He is part of Tale Of Us.

Tale of Us is an Italian group that consists of Milleri and his musical partner, Camine Conte. Formed in 2008, they are known to fans for playing techno, melodic techno, and tech house. When Milleri first announced the launch of his solo project, Anyma, fans were concerned that it was the end of the duo. However, Milleri continues to be a part of Tale of Us. In fact, they had the third-largest attendance while at the Sahara Tent as part of Coachella 2023.

2. Anyma is a mixed-media concept.

Unlike Tale of Us, Anyma was created with the objective to provide fans with an aesthetic experience that combines technology, nature, and mankind.

3. He’s passionate about using NFTs.

When NFTs started to become popular, Matteo looked to merge his desire to create a “utopic dystopic environment” with blockchain, thus forming Anyma and bridging the gap between music and NFTs. Blockchain has helped him unite his community and support Anyma financially. He first showcased his genesis NFT EVA 0, which is a humanoid, in November 2021 at Printworks London.

4. He partnered with an Italian artist.

To help create the environment he envisioned through his NFTs, Anyma hired Italian artist, Alessio De Vecchi as the project’s art director. The two worked together to combine visuals and sonics to showcase the story through 12 visual pieces.

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5. NFTs are part of his shows.

Revolutionizing the performance industry, Anyma uses NFTs during shows as a way to link his ideas to the performances, thus providing a fully immersive experience to his audiences.

6. He has lived around the world.

Despite spending most of his life in Italy, Anyma was actually born in New York. Since studying at the SAE Institute in Milan, he has moved to Berlin, where he resides today.

7. He is the co-founder of a record label.

Alongside his partner in Tale of Us, Conte, he founded the label Afterlife. In June, it was announced that they teamed up and became partners with the globally-acclaimed record label, Interscope Records. Interscope now distributes all of the label’s releases, including future releases and its whole catalog.

8. He recently collaborated with Grimes.

As the first track released under the Interscope Records deal, Anyma released a track titled Welcome To The Opera in June with Grimes. Since its release. it has already gained over three million listens on Spotify.

9. He’s active on social media.

If you’re looking to learn more about Anyma, you can see short videos of his live and immersive performances on his Instagram profile, where he has gained over a million followers.

10. He will be touring this summer.

If you’ll be in Europe this summer, you may be able to experience Anyma’s visual experiences live in concert. He is set to take the stage at Colors of Ostrava 2023 in the Czech Republic and Afterlife – Orange in Orange, France.

Image Credits: Facebook @anyma.ofc

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