Adana Twins release fresh single ‘Mirage’

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German duo Adana Twins return to TAU with a blazingly-paced new single ‘Mirage’

Artists returning to their label just feels like a grand welcome home in and of itself, doesn’t it? For Germany’s Adana Twins, returning to their imprint TAU must feel like picking up where they left off before leaving. Having launched the label in 2018, Benjamin and Frisco signed artists like BOg, Innellea, and Amberbroom among many others. Of course, Adana Twins never stopped releasing their own music along the way and played to numerous crowds everywhere worldwide. Now, as I previously mentioned, Adana Twins returned to TAU with the release of their new single ‘Mirage‘, released recently.

‘Mirage’ itself finds itself on the long side, clocking in at just over 9 minutes long, like most House tracks. However, the song’s structure plays it out like a fast-paced action movie, along the lines of Fast & Furious movies. Racing synths and starry percussion give the track its cinematic tone, making it a perfect fit for a racing scene. Over halfway through, the track slows down and makes the listener feel like they crashed underwater before picking up again. Overall, ‘Mirage’, in a way, feels like a short silent film in a musical form where you just can’t look away.

After years of signing promising young DJs and producers, Adana Twins reminds everyone why they’re still the main talent. Ben and Frisco make for quite a good duo, indeed.

Image Credits: © Felix Krueger (Press Kit)

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