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VibeLab launches ‘NightSchool’ program to help new nightlife event organizers in Europe

Five top European nightlife experts collaborate to launch NightSchool, an EU-wide training program for early-career night culture producers, emphasizing sustainability. As global awareness of environmental...

Re.You, NDRK and Yacine Dessouki release captivating collaboration ‘Lose Myself’

Re.You, NDRK, and Yacine Dessouki deliver the astonishing single 'Lose Myself,' featuring Sean Doron's remix, which captivates with its Afro House blend out now...

Tim Engelhardt and Solique drop melodic techno gem ‘Alive’ on LIFEFORMS

Tim Engelhardt and Solique create a melodic techno masterpiece, skillfully balancing energy and emotion for a dynamic dancefloor experience. When two talented individuals come together...

Tayak makes a noteworthy debut with ‘Delirium Tremens’

The debut single 'Delirium Tremens' by Tayak, who is based in Brussels and has a background as a former emergency doctor, narrates a compelling tale of friendship and the journey to overcome addiction.

FiNE introduces energetic Afro-house track ‘Kidonda’

FiNE introduces an invigorating Afro-house anthem, 'Kidonda'. Accompanied by an Enoo Napa remix, marking the debut of their label, Sippy Time. Every once in a...

2smile unleashes dancefloor frenzy with ‘Nowsex’

The dynamic French duo 2smile, comprising Axel Franchi and Benjamin Guerini, continues to leave an indelible mark with their latest track, 'Nowsex'.