Bákayan and Groove Shack debuts on Marginalia with ‘Neowl’ EP

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In their inaugural collaborative venture, Bákayan and Groove Shack seamlessly blend their distinct artistic prowess, pushing the envelope of raw, underground house music by intertwining minimalistic grooves and hauntingly dark tones. Renowned for their avant-garde productions, the duo’s latest release stands as a testament to their unparalleled ability to craft a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries, captivating the discerning ears of industry connoisseurs.

Within the three-track package, the electrifying synergy of twitchy drum patterns masterfully manipulated vocal drops, and visceral basslines come to life, propelling listeners through an exhilarating peak-time journey with the turbulent opener, ‘Neowl’. Handpicked by Elif for their penchant for experimental soundscapes and trippy atmospheres, Bákayan and Groove Shack‘s EP title track stands out as a testament to their distinct underground approach—beautifully dark, hypnotic, and irresistibly engaging from the very first thump of the kick drum.

Taking on remix duties in the middle order is the Berlin-based producer and Kater Blau resident, Sascha Cawa. Making his debut on Marginalia, Cawa arrives with a formidable reputation, having delivered a string of highly regarded releases throughout his career on labels such as Bar 25, Katermukke, and Voltaire. With his remix of ‘Neowl’, the sought-after producer delves into uncharted sonic territories, skillfully intertwining intricate polyrhythms with industrial analog samples. Cawa’s unique touch breathes new life into the already exhilarating title track, adding his inimitable spin to the pulsating soundscape.

Finally, rounding off the three-part package is ‘Doppelganger‘, a throwback to the ravey, old-school era adorned with rap vocals in Turkish by Bákayan and in English by Groove Shack. Bursting with incredible energy and melodic dissonance throughout its duration, the track showcases Bákayan and Groove Shack’s adeptness at creating a captivating sonic experience. Capitalizing on their innate ability to immerse listeners in a simultaneously new and familiar construct, the duo explores a remarkable array of timbres from across the house music spectrum. With ‘Doppelganger,’ they expertly bring the EP to a close, leaving an indelible mark on the burgeoning Barcelona-based label with yet another impeccable musical offering.

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