Elif returns to Stil Vor Talent with ‘Letting Go’ EP

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‘Letting Go’ marks Elif’s eagerly anticipated return to the long-standing German imprint, following her contributions to the Stil Vor Talent 300 VA back in 2021 with Juno and the label’s 15 Years VA compilation with ‘Entanglement’ back in 2020.

Kickstarting the EP with the arresting opener ‘Let Go’, Elif joins forces with German duo Stil & Bense for an emphatic debut collaboration, as the three producers christen the EP with a sinister, underground juggernaut. Layers of industrial synths and intricate beats combine with rolling basslines and intermittent vocal drops and within seconds you’re locked in, riding the wavelengths until you reach the mind-bending breakdown.

Next up, Elif lowers the intensity for a more playful second single, ‘Sombre’. Created alongside long-time friend and recent production partner, Gespona, the pair toy with melody, texture, and tonality across the frisky seven-minute cut, cultivating a unique sonic palate that explores an array of minimal, underground timbres.

Last but by no means least is the resounding finale ‘On My Own’, as Elif takes the reigns for the aptly-titled closer. A dynamic solo offering delivered by an artist whose creativity in the studio seems to know no bounds, rolling grooves, shuffling rhythms, and warped synthesizers shine front and center, as Elif pulls out all the stops to conclude another extraordinary release on Stil Vor Talent.

Born and raised in the cultural hub of Istanbul, Turkish producer Elif is rapidly earning her rightful place amongst dance music’s elite. Laying claim to an abundance of internationally celebrated releases on the likes of Anjunadeep, Kindisch, and Gardens of Babylon over the past few years, the prolific Barcelona-based talent has managed to carve out her own unique sonic path since emerging onto the scene in 2019 and is rapidly making a name for herself as one of the most exciting, in-demand artists in electronic music today. 

Now a seasoned regular at some of the most prestigious festivals and events the world over, her consummate calmness in the booth is a stark contrast to the frenzy she kicks up on the other side. With a trademark sound of flowing melodic floor fillers perfectly translating her raw emotion and intention, Elif pulls her audiences between hypnotic drum patterns, intricate arps, thumping kicks, and driving bass lines; her selections are both thought-provoking and timeless. In the studio and behind the decks, Elif’s talents are clear for all to see and hear and her rapid rise to global acclaim is so rightly deserved. As much of a storyteller, as she is an artist, this is only just the beginning for Elif.

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