Bhaskar team up with warner case for intoxicating new single ‘do your own thing’

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warner case, a rising house music producer, and Bhaskar, one of Brazil’s top electronic tastemakers, collaborate on a much-anticipated debut single, ‘Do My Own Thing’, out now on Monstercat.

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The brooding pads, addicting groove, and sensual bassline have all the makings of a dancefloor heater that will lure thousands during this festival season thanks to a spellbinding fusion of their individual styles. While Bhaskar established the groundwork for the song, warner case’s journey to self-confidence is reflected in the lyrics, which encourage listeners to appreciate their own unique paths in a culture that encourages unhealthy comparison. This month, Bhaskar will perform his brand-new album live in Mexico at EDC, and warner case will open for Flight Facilities in San Francisco at 1015 Folsom.

For me, “do my own thing” is about mining myself for confidence in an insecure world that constantly compares people to each other, especially on social media. It can be really challenging to believe in yourself, especially when it feels like everyone else is doing better, earning more, and looking sexier. So, it’s empowering to truly believe that you’re the only person like you, and to find strength in that. There’s a unique path for everyone.

– warner case

I’m super excited to be releasing “do my own thing” with warner case. One more time, we see music connecting two different minds to create something really original.

– Bhaskar

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