Bona Fide release double-ep ‘Entropy’

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Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Bona Fide make his triumphant return to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label to release the Entropy double-EP.

In 2020, Bona Fide made his debut contribution to the label by working with Lost Desert on the song No Strings Attached,’ which spent many weeks in the Top 10 on Beatport. He has since been featured on All Day I Dream’s Summer Sampler 2021 and Summer Sampler 2022 compilations, in both instances collaborating with his close friend Draso.

For his debut EP release on All Day I Dream, Bona Fide showcases a diverse repertoire of sounds across the eight tracks. The EP opens off with the title track, as Bona Fide eases the listener in with subtle percussion before integrating fluttering melodic textures. Another standout track from the A-side is ‘Kikiri,’ a captivating composition that lasts nine and a half minutes and combines filtered chanting with a steady drum beat and ethereal synth harmonies. On the B-Side, Bona Fide enlists the help of Zone+ and Wassu for the upbeat dance tracks ‘Love Sparkles‘ and ‘Alter Ego,’ both of which have infectious basslines and are stripped-down groovers.

Unreleased tracks from the record ‘Entropy‘ have been regulars in Lee Burridge sets around the world for the past 18 months, so it’s possible that some people are already familiar with them. Bona Fide’s main stage performance at the inaugural All Day I Dream Festival in Northern California left fans wondering when he would next be featured on the label. Bona Fide makes a significant contribution to All Day I Dream by providing the eight-track Entropy EP, which is available in both digital and physical form. The well-known label thus adds yet another outstanding EP to their collection.

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