Bruno Furlan: “If you don’t believe in your own work, no one will be convinced that you’re good!”

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Celebrating his debut on Hot Creations, Brazilian artist Bruno Furlan stopped by to chat with us about his life and music.

Hailing from the diverse and electric city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Bruno Furlan started his DJ career while still a teenager and quickly became a highlight in the Brazilian electronic music scene, capturing the attention of artists such as Claude VonStroke, Chris Lake, Solardo, Green Velvet and Amine Edge & Dance. Always driven by a great love for his art, Bruno has created his own unique way of approaching music production, resulting in a standout discography and performances throughout the world. In addition to his own record label Whistle Records, Bruno has released on labels such as Dirytbird, Relief, CUFF, Sony Music, SOLA, Nervous, South of Saturn and more.

Hello Bruno, how are you? How have you been spending the past few months?

Hi guys, I’m great, hope you all are too!
The last few months have been incredible for me, even though we are still coming out of a pandemic, I am very happy to see the result of everything I have done taking off.

Congratulations on your new release ‘The Speakers Pump Like This’. What
makes this EP so unique?

Press play and have a great trip 😉

As we are speaking, both tracks have a powerful low end. Could you please explain how did you achieve this result?

It’s a secret of mine, thousands of fans have been asking me for years how I get such good results from kicks and basses… I put together several kicks to make one and as for the bass I prefer to keep it a secret with space x – nasa.

You’ve mentioned that your huge influence is Jamie Jones. How did you ask Jamie to release them?

Jamie received a promo for a release of mine and gave support a few times. I was
in shock because he was always such a great artist that I never imagined that one
day he would even hear about me, much less play my songs… Since that day I spent months trying to contact him until I got it, and the “impossible” happened… my first ep on hot creations will be out in a few days (25th Feb)

Brazilian music is a unique combination of European harmony and melody, African rhythms, and native culture. How do you think it helped in your music career?

I always try to merge all these elements in my songs, it’s always very difficult to put
everything together in a way that sounds good and not a mess of stuffy things… But
the result is this ep, I believe that not only this release but all the next ones will
be marked by this mix of cultures and sounds, always full and with a lot of groove.

Many producers are trying to get their music released on the big labels.
Do you think it’s an acceptable way to get recognized in the music scene?

Without a doubt it is an explosive milestone in the career of an artist and for me it
has been “UAL”, but only good music is not enough… a good team behind it makes a lot of difference in the results!

What does your daily routine look like, from waking to going to sleep?

Breakfast, gym, I chat with my followers, and all day until bedtime I work on my
Producing, creating content for social media and releases, planning and organizing
my labels and projects, and sometimes I even do some art and animations of some
of my material… but the best moment of my week is without a doubt the weekend when I travel and do what I love most… playing.

One piece of advice you’d give to upcoming producers?

Have faith and one hundred percent of you! If you don’t believe in your own work,
no one will be convinced that you’re good! But don’t be in a hurry and respect the
clock of life, you can get there tomorrow or many years from now and it’s ok! If you
really love it, working with excellence will bring you the results you have cultivated.

Finally, what to expect in 2022?

It’s gonna be the best year of my career! Follow me everywhere and watch it!

Thank you for joining us. We are looking forward to hearing your new stuff!


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