Christian Smith and Drunken Kong drop their collab ‘Succession’

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CODE Records unveils a thrilling techno collaboration between Christian Smith and Drunken Kong. This release not only showcases their thunderous original track, ‘Succession’, but also includes remixes by Cesar Almena and Nuke.

In the ever-evolving world of techno, collaboration often yields breathtaking results. The latest testament to this is the collaborative release by Christian Smith and Drunken Kong, presented by CODE Records. While both artists have enjoyed individual success, their combined efforts have birthed a journey that promises to captivate techno enthusiasts worldwide.

Christian Smith and Drunken Kong are no strangers to the techno scene. They previously joined forces for a release on Tronic, a renowned record label spearheaded by Christian Smith himself. With nearly three decades of music production under his belt, Christian Smith’s influence in the industry is undeniable. His dark driving style has graced not only his own label but also found its place on imprints ranging from Drumcode to We Are The Brave, curated by the illustrious Alan Fitzpatrick.

Drunken Kong, on the other hand, is a Japanese duo celebrated for their residency at Tokyo’s iconic Womb nightclub. Beyond their exceptional DJ skills, they are skilled producers, as evidenced by their recent release on Drumcode. Their musical prowess has also left its mark on esteemed imprints such as Monika Kruse’s Terminal M and Sian’s Octopus.

Cesar Almena, the Spanish artist behind CODE Records, takes up the mantle of remix duty. He’s not only a respected DJ in the Spanish techno scene but also an accomplished producer. His work has graced labels like Naked Lunch, and he’s known for his role in running the Code parties at Madrid’s iconic Fabrik.

Nuke, a co-founder of the CODE parties and record label alongside Cesar Almena contributes his hypnotic remix to the release. His style, characterized by mesmerizing grooves and relentless energy, has found a home on respected labels, including Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez’s Odd Recordings and Marco Bailey’s MB Elektronics.

The centerpiece of this release, the original mix of ‘Succession’, immerses listeners in an electrifying journey. Anchored by a relentless arpeggio line and a pounding kick drum, it commands attention from the outset. Thrashing hi-hats and ominous vocals contribute to the mounting tension, which is artfully broken by dramatic breakbeat sections.

Cesar Almena’s remix of ‘Succession’ offers a stripped-back interpretation, focusing on a captivating breakbeat groove. Nuke’s remix, meanwhile, injects a hypnotic synth line and high-speed percussion, crafting a groove that never relents in its energy.

With its original track and remixes, this release is a must-listen for techno aficionados seeking an adventure that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. ‘Succession’ is more than just a track; it’s a journey into the heart of techno’s pulsating beats and captivating melodies.

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