Classmatic: “I make my music for myself to express my feeling at that moment and as a consequence for my DJ sets”

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Brazilian artist Classmatic has stopped by to talk about his new release ‘Toma Dale’, future plans, and more.

Classmatic has gained a lot of traction in recent years, garnering the attention of industry giants and publishing on labels like Solid Grooves and Hottrax, as well as remixing Cloonees‘ massive single, When The Sun Goes Down, in 2021. With support from musicians like Seth Troxler, Michael Bibi, Pete Tong, and Loco Dice, to mention a few, it’s no wonder that the gifted artist has a bright future ahead of him. This time the Brazilian tech-house luminary delivers a two-track release on Jamie Jones imprint Hot Creations.

Hello, how are you doing? What’s your current mood?

Hey. I’m doing well, thanks for asking. I’m really excited and happy about my Hot Creations release. That’s my current mood!

Congratulations on your latest release ‘Toma Dale’ EP that landed on Hot Creations. What was the most enjoyable thing while you were producing this EP?

Thank you! I think it was about my conviction that these 2 tracks were in the right direction. Toma Dale was really fun because I’ve done something completely different from my other tracks putting some different elements I don’t use. It’s really cool to try something different in your tracks. It’s always a challenge!

You’ve been producing music for over five years. How did your sound evolve during these years?

I’ve been making music for 9 years actually. I had another project before Classmatic. I used to make more EDM and House stuff. I think music production it’s like a video game. You’re going to get better as you practice. The live DJ sets help me a lot as well because I’m always testing my new tracks on the dancefloor and also seeing the crowd reaction and when I’m back to the studio I remember what exactly I love to play and what exactly works at the dancefloor.

We know that consistency and patience are very important in electronic dance music. How do you deal with deadlines?

I’m not that guy who has the best patience feeling haha but I’m much better at that than before. I really like to share my music and all my stuff in the smartest situation and you need to get patience for these acts.

What was the most memorable gig from your February and March tour?

That’s a hard question because I’ve got some amazing gigs around these dates. But I’ll go with my gig at Asunción (Paraguay). I could play everything I wanted to play at my current mood and the dancefloor was 100% with my DJ Set. The love there was incredible!

How can you establish a signature sound that is real to you and communicates your unique voice in a world where so much music sounds alike?

Making music using your real feeling at the moment. I see a lot of great producers doing great music but without feeling. Making music for labels or even for some supporters instead of themselves. I make my music for myself to express my feeling at that moment and as a consequence for my DJ sets.

Who inspires you to produce music?

A lot of things but the main one is my happiness. If I’m happy with everything around me I’m very inspired to make new music.

How do you imagine a perfect day?

Waking up in Ibiza in a house with my girlfriend Renata, my dog Lorran, my team and my friends enjoying some drinks and choosing the perfect outfit for playing at DC 10.

Lastly, what are your plans for 2022?

DJing as much as I can in different places and different countries. I’m buzzing to announce some important gigs in some places that I’ve dreamed about.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you all the best!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts and meet you all. Much love!

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