Clif Jack drops massive techno EP ‘Imminent’

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Clif Jack shares new hypnotic and peak time techno EP ‘Imminent’ via Simina Grigoriu’s record label, Kuukou.

Clif Jack shares his new hypnotic and peak-time techno EP ‘Imminent‘ via Kuukou Records. He had previously worked with Simina Grigoriu’s label as part of a mixed artist EP. Now, he collaborated again with them for his new EP collection. ‘Imminent’ opens the new release with thick bass drums and a sonar synth system that plays a repetitive melody supported by an acidic bass line. ‘Restless‘ has an ominous lead with layered modulations and the squishy pads’ vibrating intensity that give the track a haunting feel. His pounding drums and digitized vocals add to the restless energy and dark atmosphere as the track opens with increasing suspense.

The Padova-based Italian artist recently released ‘Somewhere‘ on Reinier Zonneveld‘s Filth On Acid label. He has also worked with prestigious record labels of artists such as Deborah De Luca and Veerus. Clif has well known in northern Italian club scenes as a talented DJ. He regularly performs lineups with icons such as Nicole Moudaber, Luigi Madonna, Ilario Alicante, and Richie Hawtin. 

As an electronic music producer, I liked Clif’s new EP. Especially ‘Imminent’ became my favorite song of the collection with its dark atmosphere, strong groove, and energetic flow. It is already clear that he will entertain people wildly in the techno club scenes. ‘Restless’, on the other hand, has an energy that draws the listener in with its hypnotic melody, tense vocals, and predatory drum layers. Kuukou has added another beautiful work to its catalog. Clif’s sound suits their style quite well. 

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to these beautiful tracks.

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Berk Turan
Berk Turan
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