Cosmic Boys & Matteo Vitanza unleash techno fury with ‘Midnight’

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Cosmic Boys, the formidable techno duo hailing from France, return to their own record label, Legend, with a compelling new release in collaboration with Italian artist Matteo Vitanza.

In a formidable display of techno prowess, Cosmic Boys and Matteo Vitanza unite to unleash ‘Midnight’, a pounding single that echoes through the halls of Legend, the record label curated by the Cosmic Boys themselves. The duo is celebrated for their fusion of thundering percussion and mesmerizing synth lines, a signature style that has resonated on esteemed labels including Drumcode and Terminal M.

Legend, the Cosmic Boys’ brainchild, stands not just as a label but as a sonic haven for techno innovation. Apart from showcasing their own musical offerings, Legend has played host to influential artists like T78, Torsten Kanzler, Space 92, and AKKI (DE). Now, with the collaboration with Matteo Vitanza, Legend continues its legacy of pushing the boundaries of techno exploration.

Matteo Vitanza, an Italian artist, returns to Legend, not with a solo venture, but as a collaborator on ‘Midnight’ with the Cosmic Boys. Known for his intense sound that seamlessly blends pounding drums with tension-building synths, Vitanza has carved a niche in the techno landscape. His previous collaborations include works with heavyweights like UMEK, and his solo releases have found homes on labels such as Say What?, Codex Recordings, and Respekt Recordings.

Opening with a suspense-building breakdown featuring broken rhythms and dystopian atmospherics, ‘Midnight’ launches into a formidable groove with a 4/4 kick drum pattern. The track’s pulsating bassline, ethereal vocals, and sparse acid stabs create an intense sonic landscape. As it builds towards a spine-tingling breakdown, the brutal percussion slams back in, elevating the track to new heights. And with Legend as the backdrop, this collaboration stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities within the techno realm.

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