Double Touch returns to All Day I Dream with four-track ‘Storm’ EP

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The Sydney and Los Angeles-based duo Double Touch unveils a release of their four-track EP, Storm, on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label. Reigan joins the duo and contributes vocals to two of the EP’s songs.

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Van-Anh Nguyen, a pianist and composer with a background in classical music, and Mark Olsen, a producer, DJ, and drummer, make up Double Touch. The two musicians met in 2015 while working in a Sydney studio, where they became friends over their mutual love of techno and classical music. Due to their diverse musical backgrounds, they came together to form Double Touch, a collaborative project that combines acoustic and electronic sounds to produce dreamy house music.

The EP’s opening track, ‘Title,’ features vocals from Reigan about control, power, and the joy of surrender. Double Touch and Reigan frequently work together; Reigan provided vocals for Double Touch EPs that were previously released on All Day I Dream, TRYBESOF, and Magician on Duty.

The second track opens with layered percussion. Melodic elements gradually appear during the introduction and build up until Reigan sings the first line. Midway through the song, the drumming stops, Reigan’s voice becomes more prominent, and tension begins to grow. The drums are introduced again after the subsequent chorus as dormant energy is released.

The feeling of surrender comes during the melodic change in the chorus. I say “take hold of me” twice and then when I say “and you take all of me” the lift in the note feels euphoric. This is the surrender to power. ‘Storm’ is a dance of power and passion, pleasure and control. It’s leaning into the bliss of surrender while exploring the indirect holders of power in doing so.

– Reigan

Image Credits: (Press Kit)

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