Enamour and Paraleven join forces for astonishing ‘Rune’ EP

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Enamour and Paraleven have teamed up to release the ‘Rune’ EP on Rose Avenue Records, marking a significant return for Enamour after his hit ‘Body Test’ in August 2023.

This latest work, crafted alongside the talented Enamour and Paraleven, showcases a stellar example of melodic techno at its finest. Both producers bring their A-game to this project, delivering an EP that’s buzzing with creativity and destined to make waves across music platforms worldwide.

The EP starts with the single ‘Can’t Stay‘, released in February, featuring the captivating vocals of Scottish singer-songwriter ALLKNIGHT, also known as Jodie Knight. This track is a blend of strong bass, intricate synth patterns, and ethereal soundscapes, creating a peak-time anthem that’s sure to become a favorite for DJs and music lovers alike. The careful production and ALLKNIGHT’s mesmerizing vocals set a high bar for the rest of the EP, promising an unforgettable auditory journey.

‘Rune’, the EP’s title track, offers a departure into a more contemplative melodic techno realm. Enamour and Paraleven strip things back to focus on bright synths, deep basslines, and cinematic breakdowns, crafting a track that feels both expansive and intimate. This closing piece highlights the duo’s versatility and deep understanding of electronic music, making the ‘Rune’ EP a testament to their collective talent and vision. As this release finds its way into the hearts and playlists of listeners around the globe, it’s clear that Enamour and Paraleven have created something extraordinary.

Speaking about the release Enamour says,

Both tracks on the EP emerged from exchanging ideas that we had plateaued on solo. Collaborating online, we picked up where the other left off, allowing for a seamless yet individual creative flow. It’s like a color palette, where an in-person studio collab is the mixing of colors into a new shade, but online, each of our styles remains distinct but together forms a beautifully coordinated spectrum.

Paraleven adds,

Before I released any music as Paraleven, I was a big fan of Enamour and decided to go to a show he was playing in Atlanta. After the show, I had the chance to meet him and ask him if it was cool to send him a few of my own songs for feedback. He was kind enough at the time to provide me with a few tips for those songs that ultimately became my first release on Lane 8’s imprint ‘This Never Happened’. Since then, we crossed paths a few more times and eventually drummed up the conversation of potentially working on something together. The ‘Rune’ EP has been in the works for a long while. I have been featuring the songs in my performances for over a year. Excited to finally share these.

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