FiNE and Lizwi drops new Afro House single ‘Nomathemba’

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FiNE, following the notable success of their collaborative project ‘Kidonda’ with Idd Aziz and Enoo Napa, continues to impress on their burgeoning label, Sippy Time, with the release of ‘Nomathemba,’ featuring the powerful vocals of South African artist Lizwi.

This track, which has become FiNE‘s most requested ID over the past two years, epitomizes the vibrant energy and profound emotion that Afro-House music can convey. The anticipation built around ‘Nomathemba‘ speaks volumes about its impact on live audiences, captivated by its dynamic rhythms and resonant melodies since its debut on stage.

‘Nomathemba’ hearkens back to the roots of Afro-House with its robust low-end pulses and genuine groove that grips the listener from the first beat. Lizwi‘s vocals soar over the track, delivering hauntingly beautiful melodies that intertwine perfectly with traditional ululations, transporting listeners to a transcendent state where the music reigns supreme. Early support from prominent figures in the Afro House scene like Caiiro, Enoo Napa, and Pippi Ciez underscores the track’s authenticity and appeal, cementing its place as a modern classic in the genre. The production quality of “Nomathemba” showcases FiNE’s meticulous attention to detail, combining lush synths and elegant piano sequences to forge a timeless and emotive musical experience.

With ‘Nomathemba,’ FiNE and Lizwi contribute significant work to the Afro House community and reinforce the mission of Sippy Time to highlight innovative and culturally rich music. This track stands out as a testament to the powerful connection between traditional African musical elements and contemporary electronic music, promising to resonate deeply with both new listeners and long-time aficionados of the genre. As FiNE continues to explore and expand the boundaries of Afro House, ‘Nomathemba’ will undoubtedly remain a pivotal piece in their artistic repertoire, celebrated for its ability to evoke a profound emotional response through its exquisite composition and performance.

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