Get The Jackets unveils new single ‘In Theory’

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Get The Jackets is making waves with the release of his latest track, ‘In Theory,’ under the Dark City Music label, spearheaded by Kennedy One.

The track promises to plunge listeners into the depths of electronic darkness, offering a unique blend of aggressive beats and a haunting atmosphere. Inspired by techno titan Space 92, ‘In Theory‘ stands as a testament to Get The Jackets‘ ambition to push the boundaries of electronic music by experimenting with faster tempos and a more intense sound palette. This track is not just a piece of music; it’s an adventure into the uncharted territories of sound, inviting the audience to explore the darker side of techno.

Get The Jackets, originally from Cork, Ireland, and now residing in Toronto, has consistently demonstrated his ability to craft tracks that resonate on a global scale. His music reflects a diverse range of influences, molding his distinct sound that captivates listeners worldwide. ‘In Theory’ highlights Get The Jackets’ skill in blending intense sounds and distortion, crafting a captivating atmosphere. Their success is proven by multiple Beatport Hype chart hits, including a peak at #13 in Melodic House & Techno. This innovative style has attracted a loyal fan base, eager for new releases.

As ‘In Theory’ prepares to make its mark on the electronic music scene, it’s clear that Get The Jackets is not just another producer but a visionary artist pushing the genre to new heights. His commitment to exploring the darker, more aggressive aspects of techno, combined with his knack for creating emotionally resonant music, sets him apart in a crowded industry. With ‘In Theory’, Get The Jackets invites listeners on a relentless journey, promising an experience that is as introspective as it is exhilarating. As we anticipate the release of ‘In Theory,’ one thing is certain: the depths of electronic darkness have never sounded so inviting.

Speaking about the release, Get The Jackets says,

“I wanted to mix up the sonic landscape, incorporating a sample of an ancient Celtic instrument known as a Carnyx, which sets it apart from the ordinary.”

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