Hamoon & Amiralee: “Believe in yourself and do not let those around you distract you from your goal”

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Hamoon Nassaji and Amirali Masoumi are two DJs and electronic music producers from Tehran who started their official activities in 2015 as Hamoon & Amiralee at the age of 18.

The work style of this group has no special limitations and is based more on the deep and sincere transmission of emotional feelings, so that by turning the light of awareness into sounds, the listener enters a space of love and freedom.

We caught up with Hamoon & Amiralee to talk about how they started producing, their workflow, and tips for new producers.

Hello guys! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How are you doing?

Hello, thank you very much for inviting us for this interview, you have always been kind to us and supported us. We are currently working on some special EP that will be released next year.

We know that you guys are from Tehran. How is the music scene there?

Electronic music enthusiasts in our country are growing and new producers in various styles are working internationally. But we face various restrictions, such as banning clubs, blocking international currency transfers, economic problems, unfavorable internet speeds, etc. But with all of these issues there’s no quit for us on our goal. We did our best to be able to carry out our activities and we thank all the channels, labels, media and people who believe in our work and support us.

When you decided to start producing and how did you guys start producing as Hamoon & Amiralee?

Our interest in electronic music dates back to our childhood and adolescence, so that music, especially electronic music, has been an important part of our lives. In 2015, we released our first official single, but at that time our style was different. In fact, we started our official and serious activity with our partner Nima Sarshar in 2019. We did not have a specific plan to start this work and the factor that brought us together was too much enthusiasm and motivation, and this became a goal for us so that it was like we knew we had to do it and we did it and now we see the results that we were really able to operate internationally in the limited circumstances.

How did you guys find your signature sound and what inspired you guys to play this genre?

In fact, we do not have a main style, and the music we produce depends on our inner space during the time we were in it. Sometimes we feel like now is the time to start building and it has always worked. We are more in favor of melodic and independent styles. Anything can be inspiring, like a sound, a state of mind, etc. We try to produce music that creates a different feeling for the listener that makes him think and creates a spiritual uplift which is basically the mission and essence of music from the beginning.

What piece of hardware/software do you find the most useful in your productions?

We do not have much access to hardware features, but we use FL Studio to make music and plugins such as Lennar Digital Sylenth1, NI Massive, Valhalla, Arturia, Reveal Sound Spire, etc. to make songs.

What is the most difficult part of producing music?

If the idea is strong enough, we will usually not have a problem with the construction. On the other hand, because each of us takes on a different part of making the track, we are less likely to have problems. It is very important to be in a situation where there is enough energy and motivation to produce music. If we want to do the work by force, we will not get results. In short, if you love what you do, you will find a solution to any problem that may arise.

You have already released many tracks recently, what your fans can expect in the future? Any remixes?

At the end of this year, in December, we have a special release that you will definitely be surprised to see, and we are also preparing an EP for next year.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers?

Believe in yourself and do not let those around you distract you from your goal. Do not be too perfectionist and start at the peak of simplicity. Perhaps the simplest ideas will turn into the best results. Do not involve yourself in equipment and being up-to-date. Although being up-to-date and equipment makes you work better and with better quality, but if you do not have these facilities,it does not matter. In any case, start. we are operating ourselves in the least conditions.

Many producers struggle with creative block. Do you guys have any personal tips to share?

To be more creative, you need to stay away from negative factors. You have to reach an inner stillness and come up with ideas from that. You can not be effective if your mind is involved in negative issues. In general, art is an inherent and tasteful issue and you must have an artistic character to be able to create valuable and lasting works. Art should be your mission to be able to impress your audience.

Lastly, what would you guys do besides music?

We are currently focusing on music and we are happy about that. Our living conditions are a bit complicated and we face difficulties, but we kept music as our hope for life.

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