Kintar: “I think it’s the key to evolving the sound, I’m so happy to collaborate with singers and songwriters”

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Celebrating his latest release, Spain-based producer Kintar stopped by to talk with us about his music, record label, and life.

Kintar, a recognized figurehead in Ibiza, Tulum, and beyond, is making a welcome return to Sudam RecordingsThe Ascending Lights EP sees the duo collaborate for the first time, marking a watershed moment for both artists. Jinadu is a renowned vocalist who has worked with the likes of Black Coffee and Dixon in recent years.

Kintar is known around the world for his original mystic and ethnic sound, which transports the audience on a unique journey. He creates a distinct electronic sound by combining organic and ancient instruments from various cultures with synthesizers.
He has DJed in over 50 nations around the world, ranging from Canada to Azerbaijan, Aruba to Russia, and South Africa to Indonesia. He is frequent in Ibiza superclubs such as Privilege, Heart, Pacha, and Blue Marlin, thanks to his own productions’ recognition. Other notable clubs include Stadium Jakarta, Krystal Bucharest, and Space Sharm, as well as appearances at festivals like Ultra and Esto Es Tulum.

Hello Kintar, thank you for joining us today. What is your current mood?

Hello guys, I’m so happy and busy at the same time. My Ibiza summer residency is coming and so many things are happening at the moment. Summerians will be every Friday from May 20 at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Congratulations on your new EP ‘Ascending Lights’ on your imprint Sudam Recordings. How did you find the right sounds to achieve this beautiful result?

It was a complicated time during the pandemic. I was trying to get some inspiration from different things. I was watching documentaries and learning new stuff, then I sat in the studio and I came up with some melodies for the “7 am mix”. It started more like Melodic techno, with some orchestral elements and a trance vibe at the beginning, and then with Jinadu on the vocal it brought me a vibe to make 2 versions of the same song. One deeper and percussive (Golden Hour Mix) and the late-night  (7 am mix).

The beautiful vocals by grammy-winning vocalist Jinadu give the EP so much life and color. What’s your relationship with Jinadu, and why did you choose him?

I have been following Jinadu for a couple of years, I love his voice. I reached out to him to collaborate and he was happy to join me on this adventure. I thought he matched the soundscape I’ve created. So happy with the final result. 

You have been in the music scene for over 15 years. At what point did you feel rewarded for all the hard work?

Yes, I’ve been touring globally since 2007, my first 10 years were focused on bringing my sound to the world, pushing a genre that wasn’t commercial (a mix of Progressive house and tribal with Ethnic vocals and instruments). I was playing a lot in certain countries but since I moved to Ibiza, I have started pushing the label and my releases. Let’s say the sound now is more welcome worldwide and Afro-house is growing a lot (it used to be Tribal House back in 2000). It was a good time for me and I felt rewarded for not changing the sound that I loved. I just evolved it a bit.

Are you interested in working with other artists, and what are your thoughts?

I think it’s the key to evolving the sound, I’m so happy to collaborate with singers and songwriters. A musician can add extra value to our music and the fusion of both could collide into something unique. If we compare our industry with other commercial genres, a pop song has sometimes 10 people working to deliver a hit. For us should be the same. So I’m up for working with the right ones.

Speaking about your record label, Sudam Recordings. What do you usually look for when listening to demos?

Right now it is hectic the amount of music we are receiving. We have a team helping me to filter the right tracks. We know the direction of the music, and what is really important is to receive music that excites us. Lately, it’s all copy-paste formulas, and we are looking for special tracks. Music that makes me happy and proud to play.

What is the most memorable book you’ve ever read?

The Greatest Salesman in the world, by Og Mandino.

What is your favorite way to start the day?

Matcha tea with ginger, plus omelet, Avocado, and the smile of my beautiful wife. And of course, some sports if the day allows me.

Thank you once again, it was our pleasure to chat with you. We wish you all the best!

Thank you for the chat, I hope to see you in Ibiza.

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