Korolova: “It is my whole life, I work hard as I know working hard pays off”

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Today we caught up with one of the hottest names in dance music right now – Korolova. Discussing about Ukraine war, her endless efforts and musical journey.

Korolova is undoubtedly the music industry’s fastest-rising star, and the DJ has amassed a sizable fan base in just one year. Millions of people watch her live mixes on YouTube. Her songs are released on some of the best labels in the world, including AFTR:HRS, Get Physical, and Zehn, and make it to the top of the Beatport charts. The collaborations with Jan Blomqvist and Tube & Berger garner hundreds of millions of Spotify and Apple Music streams and place in the Top 20 of Best Melodic Techno Tracks. After only three months since her debut release, Korolova was among the Top 50 most tradeable producers in the Melodic Techno category on Beatport. The top DJs in the world, including Tiësto, Pete Tong, Nora En Pure, and many others, supported her music. Korolova’s performances consistently display an electrifying energy and atmosphere that cannot be ignored.

Hello Olga, thank you for joining us. We are deeply saddened and horrified by the things happening in Ukraine. Where are you staying now and how is your family?

Hello guys! Thank you for the invitation. Yes, unfortunately the war is still in our land and I still can’t return home. I miss it very much. I currently live in Lisbon, Portugal with some of my family. It is a very beautiful and open hearted country and I am very thankful to the government and people of Portugal for all their help and support.

In modern times, it is unacceptable, and the war must stop as soon as possible. What is the best way to donate to Ukraine for people who have not done it yet?

Yes, it can’t be like this in the 21st century. It is now time for love and to be united. We have a lot of big charity organisations who help our people and animals. You can donate to any of them. I collect donations via my YouTube channel, behind every video I have a link for donations, I send all this money to trusted volunteers in the cities which most need our help. I also send a lot to volunteers who help animals because they also need our help and our protection.

Over the last few years, Ukraine has skyrocketed in the dance music scene. At what moment have you felt that your hard work has paid off?

It is my whole life, I work hard as I know working hard pays off. I am very happy with my schedule, I am almost fully booked until the New Year, sometimes I even think it could be too much.

Your remix for the legendary Phonique’s “Feel What You Want” feat. Rebecca landed last Friday on his new imprint. How did you get the idea for this remix?

I was a big fan of the original track, it was in my headphones for years and when we met with Michael (Phonique) I asked to remix it. When he said yes I already had an idea in my head so I went directly to the studio to work on it for 2 days without a pause. I was so happy to receive such positive feedback from Phonique.

Besides your lifting and melodic music you also have significant talent in DJing. What is your musical background and when have you tried to DJ for the first time?

I have been in music my whole life. I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old, I was also a Hip-Hop dancer. I can’t imagine my life without music. My first DJ performance was in July 2011, I performed together with Chris Jones, the vocalist of Armin Van Buuren, in a Ukrainian Crimea, at Beach Club 117.

You’ve played 60 performances in 20 countries and shared the decks with world-renowned DJs in just one year. What was your most memorable experience you’ve had?

This summer alone I have 35 gigs around the world. Every gig is unique for me. The most memorable was my first big performance in Argentina. It was in Cordoba at the venue La Estation. Before that, all my gigs were a maximum of 1000 people. We talked with the promoter to ask how many people will be at that event and he told us it was sold out at 5000 people. At first we thought that perhaps his English was not that good and that he meant 500 people LOL but we went to the venue and saw this ocean of people, it was an incredible feeling. My first headline performance in this city and 5000 people! I couldn’t stop playing, I played for almost 4 hours!

Finally, what your fans can expect for the rest of this year? Will there be any collaborations or remixes?

I am preparing a lot of new music. On 5 August my big track ‘Sweet Disposition’ will be out on Armada. It’s more than 1 month before the release but people are already very excited about it. I have a lot of new tracks coming soon, including a collaboration with Franky Wah. If all goes well this year, there will be another 5 more tracks from me this year. I also continue with my worldwide LIVE mixes and my Karavela boat party will arrive in Lisbon, Ibiza, Dubai and Brazil – welcome aboard 🙂

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