Le Youth drops new album ‘About Us’ on This Never Happened

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Just over a year since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Reminders’, Le Youth is back with a musical journey that promises to resonate on a deeply personal level. Titled ‘About Us,’ this sophomore album, delves into the authentic and raw emotions that define our lives.

Le Youth is back with a brand new album, ‘About Us’, which is a poignant continuation of his musical evolution. This album is a testament to Le Youth’s commitment to delivering an authentic artist-fan experience. Each song is a brushstroke on the canvas of human emotions, from heart-wrenching ballads to infectious dance anthems. The album is officially OUT NOW on Lane 8‘s prestigious imprint, This Never Happened.

Le Youth’s debut album, ‘Reminders’, was a revelation in the realm of the melodic house. And now, ‘About Us’ takes this experience to another level. These 12 tracks are a soundtrack for life’s diverse moments – a car ride, a solitary headphone session, or a journey to reunite with a dear friend. Each composition evokes a different emotion, from the depths of love to the ache of heartbreak.

The vocalists featured on ‘About Us’ elevate the tracks to new heights. Be it the intensity of Jyll and EMME or the soul-searching depth of Hayes Kramer, their contributions add a unique layer to the album’s narrative. Listening to this album is a visceral experience, with tracks like ‘Healing’ and ‘You and I’ evoking powerful memories and emotions.

One of the standout tracks, ‘Like You Did’, serves as a fitting introduction to the ‘About Us’ narrative. Dating back four years, it showcases Le Youth’s meticulous approach to his craft. The album features collaborations with a lineup of talented artists including Fractures, Jodie Wright, Kairos Grove, Bailey, and MØØNE. But the most eagerly anticipated inclusion is undoubted, ‘I Will Leave A Light On’, a track known to fans from Lane 8‘s ‘Summer 2023 Mixtape’.

‘About Us’ is not just an album; it’s an invitation to connect with the essence of human experience. Le Youth’s ability to touch hearts and souls through music is unparalleled. If you haven’t immersed yourself in this transformative album yet, it’s time to let the music speak to your soul.

Image Credits: Facebook @LeYouth

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