Lee Foss drops new single ‘Puppet On A String’ with RETNA and Isabellea

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‘Puppet On A String’ adds a dystopic tone to the rave scene, as Lee Foss, RETNA, and Isabellea are ready to cause a dramatic impact with their release coming from Repopulate Mars.

Lee Foss collaborates with RETNA and Isabellea to create a powerful track that is ready to burst onto and enhance the festival scene. RETNA and Isabellea are London-based artists, both finding success with their releases. RETNA has been integrating himself into the house music scene since 2019 with his first single ‘Teach Me‘ and has had many more successes since his debut. Same with his sister Isabellea, who has been releasing since last year and creating an impressive fan base.

Both these artists have embarked on an exciting collaboration that blends the present with futuristic tones and image, with the help of the renowned artist Lee Foss. ‘Puppet On A String‘ is a combination of all three artists’ styles, taking the techno of Lee Foss and combining it with an afro-style drum of RETNA as well as the dystopic and critiquing vocal style of Isabellea. The song remains consistent in its style which is an aspect that will make it so immersive for all those on the dancefloor. RETNA is “driven by one purpose, to make people dance” and this track helps to lend into this motto as the pulsating and dynamic synth beats solidify the track as a song ready to shock the rave scene. The futuristic tones illustrate that ‘Puppet On A String’ is individualistic and will stand out as the mixing consistently reinforces the innovative sound that Lee Foss,  RETNA, and Isabellea are pioneering through the track.

Furthermore, the futuristic elements of the track create an efficacious link to Repopulate Mars as they are a label with an image desiring to promote “aliens and cyborgs.” The label has immense potency within the electronic dance music scene, and with every release, the label is going to continue to grow even bigger and stronger as more talent is showcased. Under Repopulate Mars there are subcategories called South of Saturn and North of Neptune which demonstrate the ever-growing nature of house music thanks to the likes of Lee Foss creating clever collaborations with artists like RETNA and Isabellea and therefore amplifying the love for the rave scene even more.

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Freya Astbury
Freya Astbury
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