Lee Foss celebrates Repopulate Mars’ 200th release with ‘Worship Technology’

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The respected DJ, producer, and label head Lee Foss, celebrates Repopulate Mars’ 200th release ‘Worship Technology’ with the help of LA-based producers Skonka and TheConnect.

A leader in the underground house and techno scene, Lee Foss, an American-born internationally acclaimed DJ from Illinois, continues to shape the industry with his new milestone release ‘Worship Technology’. With his career spanning over a decade, Lee Foss is known for creating some of the industry’s most prolific record labels, including Repopulate Mars, Hot Creations, South Of Saturn, and the 2023-launched North Of Neptune imprint.

Following a string of 2023 hits, Lee returns to Repopulate Mars for the label’s landmark 200th release. ‘Worship Technology‘ is a cutting-edge underground house track that effortlessly blends Foss’s signature style with gritty rap phrases, contributing to a dystopian narrative. The collaboration with Skonka and TheConnect results in a track where old-school vocal drops intertwine with futuristic synth work, further highlighting the genre’s continued evolution.

The release is a versatile addition to Foss’ extensive discography, including his chart-topping 2023 releases including ‘We So Future’ and ‘Cadillac.’ ‘Worship Technology’ also marks a triumphant return for Skonka and TheConnect to Repopulate Mars after their debut in September 2023 with ‘Egyptian.’ The track is described to fit small club spaces, major festivals, or even casual listening at home.

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