– Be Together (Original Mix) [Music To Die For]

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Buy link: is an artist and DJ hailing from the Ukraine. Already rapidly making a name for herself as an emerging artist of note on labels like Renaissance, Bau_Haus, Ultimo Paradiso, & Maccabi House she now joins the Music To Die For stable for a brand new EP release. This really explores all facets of her sound, voice and inspirations and allow music lovers around the globe to explore her music and connect more deeply to her as an artist through a crafted body of work. It also showcases why the industry needs to take notice of her inimitable style and music cementing her as an artist to certainly watch. The release has been made over six months with the real backdrop of war in the Ukraine on her doorstep and its hard not to notice the references and impact this has had on her music..

The first single, ‘I Saw The Devil’ is an indie dance meets house gem which presents her unique and inimitable style of electronic dance music heavily influenced by house and techno, but taking in more leftfield songwriting and performances. It also features a rather special, deeper melodic techno reinterpretation tooled for heads down dancefloor moments by fellow Ukranian artist Indie Elephant that is building some great support with tastemakers in the know such as James Zabiela, Francesco Chiocci, Skala, Luke Garcia, Jamie Stevens, Simply City, Dan Marciano & Vanilla Ace. Eternity is organic house instrumentation with a warm summer shimmering bliss with an indie dance and alt house edge.

Louder is a pounding harder edged house sound with progressive synths interplaying with a really captivating vocal that’s made for big systems and will have you singing along. While Silk and Be Together flex Rena’s club muscles with deeper workouts and pulsating synths for DJ sets using faster drum work, driving hats and percussions and hypnotic entrancing live analog synth patches.

The special artwork for the release has been created in conjunction with The Kite Studio, led by their Creative Director haimeluna and uses their expertise of 30 years along with multi-disciplined AI-powered design to create something truly visually striking, memorable and reflective of the moods. crafts music often characterised by pulsating beats and infectious grooves that evolve and feel alive, as well as hypnotic melodies and leads that have earned her a dedicated following of fans growing across the globe. Her tracks are designed with dancefloor sensibilities in mind and her love of DJing as a form of expression but always with her unique twist injected. She has released music on several well-known labels already, including Maccabi House, Renaissance / Bauhaus, SKALA’s new Amaeo label and Ultimo Paradiso by Spada; all renowned for their commitment to showcasing the best in class electronic dance music.

Experimenting with a few core pieces of analog gear during the making of the record such as her treasured Moog Grandmother , her mic and bunch of percussion instruments, Rena seems to capture her emotional performances and turn them into earworms that really strike a chord with underground house music lovers and indie electronic fans alike; delivering broad appeal. Exploring her voice as an instrument too, she uses it to perform songs in authentic and organic styles which lead to novel concepts and arrangements that help her tracks stand out, rather than succumbing to traditionalist songwriting structures.

Release date: 2023-07-14


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