Marsh and ALLKNIGHT Join Forces for Their Latest Release: ‘Everything’

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Dive into the enchanting world of Marsh and ALLKNIGHT’s latest collaboration, ‘Everything’. Experience the magic as their abilities intertwine, creating a symphony that’s bound to captivate your soul.

After the mesmerizing success of ‘Sleep’ and ‘Fragments’ from Marsh’s acclaimed album ‘Endless’, the dynamic duo of Marsh and Jodie Knight, better known as ALLKNIGHT, has once again graced the music scene with their latest creation, ‘Everything’. Jodie’s incredible gift for crafting unforgettable songs, paired with her enchanting vocals, continues to astonish. This collaboration promises to be yet another auditory journey into a realm of pure musical magic.

‘Everything’ was not just born in the studio; it was nurtured on stage, in the hearts of Marsh’s devoted fans. This track was a long-time ID in Marsh’s set, one that garnered fervent anticipation and countless inquiries. It stood as one of the most requested IDs from his live performances, a testament to the profound impact it had on listeners even before its official release. And now, the moment has arrived – ‘Everything’ is finally here!

To me, ‘Everything’ is a song about a couple that have built a life together but unforeseen events come along, the rain comes, completely out of their control and ruins what they have, One of them wants what they had back but the other doesn’t seem to be on that same page anymore.

It’s a painful story that will be all too familiar for many of us. Perhaps it’s a reminder to us today to seize the moment, to love others to the fullest possible and to fight for what matters to us while watching out for the many ways life can change, catch us off guard and rob us of what we love.

Tom Marshall a.k.a. Marsh

The release of ‘Everything’ unfurls a new chapter in Marsh and ALLKNIGHT’s musical odyssey. Every note is a brushstroke, painting a canvas of emotions that transcend the confines of sound. The true splendor emerges in the seamless marriage of Marsh’s production wizardry and ALLKNIGHT’s hauntingly enchanting vocals. Together, they craft an experience that is ethereal, stirring, and profoundly moving. It’s a journey that sends shivers down your spine right from the very first note.

The poignant melody and Jodie’s exquisite vocals weave a spell that feels nothing short of magical. Infused with a gently progressive rhythm, ‘Everything’ is poised to etch its place as a timeless trance classic for years to come. In fact, fervent fans are already hailing it as the potential ‘Tune Of The Year’.

Image Credits: Facebook @marshmusician

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