MAZ’N drops two melodic singles ‘Lost On You’ and ‘Out Of Gravity’: Listen

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Cologne-based producer MAZ’N has released his latest emotive single, ‘Lost On You,’ available now through 3000Grad Records.

MAZ’N, a versatile live performer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter, has carved a niche for himself with his penchant for melancholic tunes. His latest offering, ‘Lost On You,’ is released on 3000Grad Records, showcasing his ability to transform emotion into a multifaceted auditory experience. MAZ’N’s music travels from voice to sound waves, captivating listeners and inspiring dancefloor movement. His hauntingly beautiful vocals in ‘Lost On You’ float across a vast sonic landscape, characterized by an organic melody that seamlessly stretches from deep bass frequencies to soaring highs, enveloping listeners in a cocoon of raw emotion and grace.

Complementing this release, renowned artist Mollono.Bass has crafted two distinct remix versions of ‘Lost On You,’ each infusing the track with an invigorating dancefloor essence. Mollono.Bass, a master of blending natural and electronic sounds, transforms the original’s melancholy into dancefloor rhythms. These remixes retain the emotional core of MAZ’N’s composition while adding layers of rhythmic complexity and dynamism, ensuring that the track evokes deep feelings and compels listeners to move. The remixes of ‘Lost On You’ showcase its versatility, proving it can be reimagined into diverse and equally impactful auditory experiences.

The release also features ‘Out Of Gravity,’ an instrumental track that exemplifies MAZ’N’s talent for crafting immersive and emotive soundscapes. This track delves into the harmonious blend of dancefloor rhythm and emotional depth, offering an intense auditory journey without the need for vocals. ‘Out Of Gravity’ showcases MAZ’N’s talent for conveying deep emotion through instrumentals, cementing his status as a multifaceted artist. ‘Lost On You’ and ‘Out Of Gravity’ blend melancholic beauty with dancefloor energy, offering listeners a rich tapestry of sound and emotion.

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