Miss Sheila: “Stay humble and work hard”

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Portugal’s Queen of Techno Miss Sheila has stopped by to chat with us about her music career, future plans, and the upcoming Sound Waves Festival in Portugal.

Miss Sheila is a well-known South African artist who traveled to Portugal to explore her potential as a DJ/producer. She’s been well-known in the Tech House and Techno scenes since then. Her technique, style, and rhythm have earned her the title of “Queen of Techno” in Portugal. She will be performing at Sound Waves, the world’s largest underground music festival, on July 2nd in Esmoriz, Portugal. We spoke with her about her career and future plans to celebrate her homecoming this year.

You are a great representative of the Techno genre in Portugal, what was your first step to start working in this industry?

I started mixing at my own bar and shortly thereafter I was invited to play at a local club where there was a DJ agency representative who signed me to the agency that same night.

Who is Miss Sheila? And how did you find your musical style?

Miss Sheila is an electronic DJ that loves music and the art of mixing. I found what I liked on the actual dance floor at underground parties and clubs before I even became a DJ. After that, I simply played what made me want to dance, although I was always very drawn to darker beats filled with attitude and at times progressive house was very much like that. Over the years I have evolved with the times but always kept that attitude in my music.

Do you do any rituals before going on stage?

At a younger age, I used to pray now a days I’ll have a glass of rum.

This year you will be a resident of one of the biggest Techno festivals in Portugal, Sound Waves. How do you feel to be back in this new edition?

It’s always great and I must say I feel like I am a part of the family already.

You will share the stage with Carlos Manaça in a B2B. What do you have prepared for this year?

Nothing yet! But, I know we’re gonna blow it up!

What plans do you have for the rest of 2022?

Continue working on my label my productions and most of all enjoy djing as it is by far my favorite thing to do, besides being a wife and new mom of course.

What message would you share with people who want to start a career in this industry?

Brace yourself! Stay humble and work hard.

* The interview was written by Paulina V

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