Naz: “It’s super special getting to forge this connection with people on the dance floor through the records that you play”

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Today we caught up with Australia-based producer and DJ Naz to chat about her story, music, and more.

Naz is a rising electronic music producer and DJ from Australia who is also Iranian. She has performed internationally. Her production technique, which is influenced by mood and emotion and has led to a number of releases on Anjunabeats, frequently produces unique and eclectic sounds. By using the potent language of music to make people feel,’ she aims to push limits in terms of genre, style, and sound design.

Naz made her debut on the world stage in less than a year, performing at a number of high-profile events and venues in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia including Creamfields, Brooklyn Mirage, The Gorge, Piknic Electronik, and Drumsheds. At the end of 2022, she also sold out her first headline show in Sydney, Australia.

Hello Naz, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. What were your most memorable experiences over the last few months?

Hey! Thanks for having me! I’ve had a pretty epic last few months, to be honest! Moving to New York and also being direct support for Tale Of Us were definitely some peak/core memorable moments.

When was the first time you heard electronic dance music, and what got you into producing music?

From a very very young age. My Dad really got me into all types of music so I was beeping and bopping as a youngin’ haha. The thing that got me into producing electronic music though was my passion for it. Growing up, I had always been quite musical… played different instruments, loved to sing, etc. And then one day I went underage clubbing and experienced electronic dance music in that environment and I was hooked. Fast forward about 12 or so years, a divorce and a corporate career later… I sort of had a mid-life crisis/epiphany that I wanted to pursue the things that I love and enjoy and this was it for me. So I locked myself away in my room and watched I think every single Ableton tutorial there was on youtube and made some really really crappy music and now here I am… still making crappy music haha but with better mixdowns.

You left Australia a while back, but do you get a chance to go back often? How does the music scene there compare to other places you’ve lived, like Amsterdam and the US?

I left Aus in peak lockdown in August 2020… it was wild. I didn’t get a chance to go back until this last Christmas of 2022 so that was really nice to go back after everything and see all my friends and family! The music scene in Australia is very different compared to Europe, the UK, and the US. The thing is that Australia is so far away and also the market is just so much smaller compared to these other places so there are some limitations in that aspect.

How was Miami Music Week this year? How did it compare to previous years that you’ve been?

Miami Music Week was fun… and tiring haha. Last year was my first ever Miami Music Week so I think that was pretty special, this year I learned to pace myself a lot more. I don’t really drink or party so I was selective about the events I wanted to go to outside of shows I was playing and for me, it was a great chance to catch up with my friends and colleagues in the industry. I still needed a good 3-5 business days afterward to recover though haha.

Were there any records that you heard everywhere?

Hmm, good question… I feel like John Summit tracks are always popular so I do recall hearing those almost everywhere. And Rhyme Dust – Dom Dolla & MK. Also a lot of melodic techno this year… which for me personally I was stoked about as that’s very much my jam and what I produce and play so it’s great to see this sort of uprise in that style of music.

What do you enjoy the most about Djing?

The connection. It’s super special getting to forge this connection with people on the dance floor through the records that you play. It becomes this cool symbiosis and everyone gets together and just becomes this one collective energy. Super, super cool feeling.

You have a remix coming up of a Farius record – how did that one come about?

Yes! I love Farius, he’s a dear friend of mine and he reached out earlier this year and asked if I would be up for remixing his track, Chemical Affair Ft Tea Petrovic, and of course, I said hell yeah.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Do nothing. I am a master chiller. Almost too good at it. Either just chilling with a good book or series, or catching up with friends and loved ones.

What’s next for Naz for the rest of this year?

Working on loads of new music and finalizing tour dates for summer and fall!

Purchase Farius & Tea Petrovic – ‘Chemical Affair’ (Naz Remix) via Beatport

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