Nightsteppaz: “I’m keeping this a secret”

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Today US based DJ and producer Nightsteppaz stopped by to chat with us about his label, new release, and more.

Hello Nightsteppaz, how are you?

I’m great! I feel like I’m melting, it’s so hot in my 2nd-floor music studio.

Let’s speak about your release ‘God Was In The Speakers’ that will land on your record label Vibe Me To The Moon. What did you enjoy the most while producing this single?

What I enjoyed most about producing this single was learning from my friend, who is also a producer and DJ,  while I was making the track. Usually, I use sampled kick drums when making beats.  My friend was hanging out with me in the studio and he suggested that I try his Nicky Romero Kick Drum Plug-In on this track. For this Minimal track, I was able to tune the kick drum, using the Nicky Romero Plug-In, called Kickstart,  so that it bounced off the Minimal bass line I was using. My friend also told me about a cool Minimal House Sample Pack he had, which I used for the Psychedelic “bubble popping sounds” throughout the track. As soon as I heard the sample, in the sample menu tray, I thought it was just the PERFECT “blob of electronic sound” for this track !!!

It also features remixes by Robert Babicz, Mihai Popoviciu, B.K.R, and Nick Devon. What’s your approach to choosing remixers?

This is confidential information! I’m keeping this a secret. Does The Colonel give away the ingredients list for his secret fried chicken Recipe Sauce?  Like, no way! If you want to know how we choose remixers you will have to break into the Vibe Me To The Moon records office building, and good luck with that!   What I will reveal is that I get inspired to choose certain remixers, after hearing some of the work they’ve done for other labels.

As a record label owner, what do you usually look for in tracks before you sign them?

Again, I can’t give away our secret recipe sauce here! I believe most record labels have a Demos Email In-Box like “send all demo submissions to: demos @ “   I do things differently at Vibe Me To The Moon records. I try to find tracks that nobody has signed yet, that may have been overlooked by some other record company. So if you are a producer trying to get signed, get your music out on and Sometimes your music may seem more appealing to record company owners when the labels “stumble upon it” than when you send it to a label as a demo. so get your music released out in the scene, and people will hear about you from their music industry friends and hear your music on Beatport and ask you to do a track or an EP for their label.

There was a long break for the releases regarding your label Vibe Me To The Moon. Could you please tell us what happened?

Sure ! :  so we had all these releases ready to go (70 or 80 tracks ready to be released), however, the Covid-19 Virus really messed up our plans for 2020, and 2021. I decided to just put all the music into the vault and wait until “things got back to normal” to release our catalogue of music. So like in the movie Austin Powers we “cryogenically froze” the 70 or 80 tracks of recorded music we had planned to release in 2020,  and preserved it until the year 2022, when we thought it was safe to release the music again. I wanted to wait until the Vaccine was out and until the Riots in the United States were over. So we unfroze the music and released Roland Clark’s “Dance or Die” as the first single after the 2-year break from releasing music.

We admire your music and the sound you’re moving. How long have you been producing?

11 years ago I took my first music production lesson at a DJ Academy in Amsterdam.

What was the last good thing you have discovered recently?

Right now, I am very interested in using chord progressions while producing Deep House tracks. I used to play the electric guitar and I am still a sucker for a nice Pop chord progression!

If you could choose one thing to have in your life, what would it be?

An MP3 Player with new Beatport tracks on it !!!!!

Finally, what can we expect from Nightsteppaz and Vibe Me To The Moon family this year?

You can expect to hear all the really cool secret music we kept “cryogenically frozen” during the pandemic !!!!!   A treasure chest of house and techno tracks and remixes for your listening pleasure !!!!!

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