Pretty Pink unveils ‘Born Digital’ remix pack

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Following the global success of her debut album ‘Born Digital,’ Pretty Pink introduces an exciting remix collection that redefines the tracks with fresh perspectives from some of the electronic music scene’s most creative minds.

Joachim Pastor from France, Tim Engelhardt from Germany, and Mediterranean-based The Element lend their unique touch to Pretty Pink‘s original works, adding layers of depth and texture to an already celebrated album. Released under Pretty Pink’s own Deep Woods label, these remixes highlight the versatility of the original tracks and enhance them with new rhythmic complexities and atmospheric depth, ensuring that the essence of ‘Born Digital‘ reaches new audiences in invigorating ways.

‘Born Digital’ has received considerable attention for its artistic merit and significant backing from influential platforms like Beatport and Spotify, alongside coverage in award-winning media. The album features 17 tracks that showcase Pretty Pink’s ability to blend emotive melodies with driving basslines, creating a narrative that is both danceable and introspective. The remixes by Pastor, Engelhardt, and The Element further expand on this narrative, bringing in elements of Melodic House & Techno to transform the original compositions into something even more enthralling and club-ready. Each remix respects the integrity of the original while introducing a new layer of sonic exploration, perfect for both dedicated fans and newcomers to Pretty Pink’s music.

As Pretty Pink continues to carve her niche in the electronic music landscape, this remix project underscores her relevance and innovative spirit within the genre. The collaborative remix effort not only broadens the reach of ‘Born Digital’ but also sets a high standard for remix albums in the electronic music community. With these tracks already resonating strongly in live performances and drawing acclaim from listeners worldwide, Pretty Pink solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the scene. This remix pack is evidence of the enduring appeal and transformative potential of her music, promising to captivate and inspire audiences with every beat.

Pretty Pink says,

I am delighted to unveil the trio of remix productions following the release of my debut album “Born Digital.” These reinterpretations serve as musical passports, intricately stamped with the distinctive signatures of The Element from Malta, Tim Engelhardt from Germany and Joachim Pastor from France. Each producer contributes their unique sonic palette, crafting an immersive auditory journey that effortlessly transcends borders and genres. These remixes hold a special place in my heart, beckoning listeners to rediscover the familiar in an entirely new and enchanting light. More great remix productions from selected artists will be released throughout the year and I can’t wait to see them on my label Deep Woods.

Image Credits: Marina Schneider-Moog (Press Kit)

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