Tim Engelhardt and Solique drop melodic techno gem ‘Alive’ on LIFEFORMS

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Tim Engelhardt and Solique create a melodic techno masterpiece, skillfully balancing energy and emotion for a dynamic dancefloor experience.

When two talented individuals come together to create something extraordinary, it’s worth taking notice. This is exactly what has happened with the collaboration debut of Tim Engelhardt and Solique on their latest release, ‘Alive‘, under the record label LIFEFORMS.

Tim Engelhardt, a standout figure in electronic music since his debut at the age of 15, boasts impressive musicality and a unique sound that has garnered him a loyal fan base and recognition from industry veterans. Solique, a seasoned electronic music duo, has made a name for itself with dynamic sets and captivating productions.

Driven by a rhythmic four-four beat, uplifting synth arrangements, and impeccable production, the track’s intricate sonic layers are irresistibly engaging. The collaboration of these sought-after artists results in a precisely crafted dancefloor piece, exploring a diverse and dynamic sound spectrum.

The collaboration gains added excitement as it is released on LIFEFORMS, a label co-founded by Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto. Since November 2023, LIFEFORMS has empowered artists through innovative technologies, fostering authentic self-expression on their creative journeys. The label’s name encapsulates its mission: spotlighting diverse life and art forms in electronic music.

With ‘Alive’, Tim Engelhardt and Solique set the bar high for their label’s future releases. LIFEFORMS transcends traditional labels, empowering artists to authentically express themselves and redefine electronic music boundaries. This collaboration is a testament to the label’s vision and commitment to bringing fresh and innovative music to the scene.

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