Sam Silver and Hefna380 collaborate on new bass-house tune ‘Choppa’

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‘Choppa’ comes as a fresh hip-hop-influenced tune curated by renowned DJ Sam Silver and raw vocalist Hefna380.

The fourth 2023 release for Sam Silver and the second for Hefna380, ‘Choppa’ is an exhilarating new song that has burst on the scene. It has been released under “Do Not Replicate Records” and comes as his debut release with them, so all the attention is grabbed by the exciting song. Do Not Replicate Records have also released songs such as ‘You Know‘ by SkiiTour and ‘The Way We Touch’ with names such as BIJOU and Mahalo. Both artists are young and up and coming, which gives this release even more depth and provides more enjoyment for the young talent.

‘Choppa’ is a bass-heavy track that elicits a strong reaction within listeners as it results in the song becoming deeply resonant. With its complex layering, both artists display their skill levels and the competency they have when it comes to electronic dance music. The vocals in this track are particularly striking as Hefna380 engages in a plethora of genres such as trip and hip hop, rap, drill, and many more which is what makes him so technically diverse and creates an entertaining energetic song to listen to. The beat drop is another stand-out element of ‘Choppa’ as it is driven and laced with vigour which results in a drop that is extremely captivating.

Both Sam Silver and Hefna380 are solidifying their sound and image within the industry. ‘Choppa’ strengthens it by showing how talented each one is and the skills they can bring to enhance any project. It will be an exciting journey watching the artists grow and develop.

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Freya Astbury
Freya Astbury
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