Solique delivers magnificent two-track ‘Temporary’ EP

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LIFEFORMS label bosses Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto invite electronic duo Solique promising an unforgettable fusion of cutting-edge soundscapes and electrifying beats.

Inaugurating the EP with the dynamic title track ‘Temporary‘, Julien and Can from Solique craft a hypnotic atmosphere through militant rhythms and frenetic synth stabs. This mind-bending cut takes listeners on a journey with its driving kicks and an intoxicating web of trippy synth intricacies. As they deftly dart between analog timbres and cosmic tones, Solique’s mosaic of juxtaposed sound design elements transforms ‘Temporary’ into one of the most hard-hitting tracks to date on the LIFEFORMS label.

Embarking on a stylistic departure from its predecessor, the EP’s second and final offering, ‘Safe With You‘, introduces an ethereal topline delivered by vocalist Paul Brenning. The track unfolds with a tribal rhythm that is both rich and atmospheric, creating a captivating effect. Solique once again demonstrates their mastery with a masterful array of synth components, seamlessly weaving between each other. ‘Safe With You’ invites listeners on a cinematic journey that is vibrant, exciting, and wholly satisfying, showcasing the duo’s versatility and artistic finesse.

Solique, in describing the release,

“In ‘Temporary’, we focus on how everything around us is always changing. Each track explores different aspects of this idea, showing how change is a constant part of life and music. Alongside ‘Temporary’ is the track ‘Safe With You’ featuring Paul Brenning, which stands out as a special collaboration for us. It brings a different energy to the EP, intertwining our signature sound with Paul’s unique style. This track itself is about finding comfort and stability amidst the chaos of change, highlighting the warmth and security we find in connections with others, even in a world where nothing seems to last.”

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