Spektre returns with a climactic EP ‘Delusion of Choice’

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UK-based duo Spektre once again release a heart-pounding EP ‘Delusion of Choice’ via their own Respekt imprint.

As one of the world’s most respected Techno acts, the UK’s Spektre built a lasting legacy few have ever touched. In the near decade, they’ve been an act, Rich Wakley and Paul Maddox toured the world as engaging headlining acts. Labels like Filth on Acid, Kraftek, 1605, and Drumcode gave the duo a platform to unleash their dark, aggressive Techno. However, after being on those labels, Spektre created their own called Respekt and even helped others’ careers like Marco Bailey. Now, as of lately, Rich and Paul released a new EP on their very own label, titled ‘Delusion of Choice‘.

‘Delusion of Choice’ follows the usual formula of the standard Spektre track, so fans shouldn’t worry too much about change. Both ‘Delusion of Choice’, the tile track, and ‘Harbinger’ start with a sharp, fast-paced beat as the initial foundational center. Synths on both tracks feel absolutely aggressive and maintain their aggression for the entirety of the nearly 8-minute-long EP. A sense of dread or melancholy, another common trope in Spektre’s music, washes over both of the tracks as well. Overall, fans of the duo will probably be quite satisfied with this EP, as Rich and Paul don’t stray far.

With this EP, Spektre remains and reminds everyone why they are still one of the top Techno acts around the world. Rich and Paul seem to be able to do that quite effortlessly when you think about it.

Image Credits: © Jacob Turney

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