Top 5 Melodic Techno Sample Packs

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The majority of top-beat producers all engaged in the activity of sample digging. It used to be limited to searching through ancient vinyl records. The ability to locate a difficult-to-find sample and turn it into a rhythm that any MC or musician can perform over. Obtaining permission to sample and profit from a popular song is the difficult part of this.

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend countless hours to find the punchy kickdrum or snappy clap. You can purchase samples and loops from top platforms such as Loopmasters, Loopcloud, or Plugin Boutique. These contain sounds that are available for you to use without any problem. If you lack time picking high-quality sample packs, we have compiled a nice selection of samples for one of the most popular genres right now – Melodic Techno.

1. Justin Marchacos – Melodic House And Techno

In addition to his expertise in film scores, Justin Marchacos is renowned for his wide range of sound choices, which distinguishes him as an exceptional composer of engrossing melodies. This sample collection showcases his preference for premium sound design. Producers get access to around 30 drum loops, as well as a similar number of bass patterns and synth loops. In addition to the one-shots, there are some thrilling rolls and ride loops that are perfect for anyone looking for fresh sounds and novel approaches to adding more layers and depth to any work. Since the samples already include presets for all of the popular platforms, including EXS24, Battery, Kontakt, and NNXT, they are really simple to use.

2. Simon Doty Presents – Melodic Tech

Over 800 megabytes of content from Loopmasters’ Simon Doty Melodic Tech is sent to you, including Loops, One Hit samples, and Multi-samples that are 100% royalty-free for your projects. Loops come with important details so you can choose and combine the components you need to make your tunes pop! Pads, Organs, Stabs, Arps, and Chords are among the more than 50 music loops, and there are plenty of Bass loops to support the mix. You have the start of something extremely spectacular when you combine those loops with the drums, tops, and percussion.

3. Fur – Melodic Techno

Fur – Melodic Techno was created by experimenting with different processing methods while using vintage technology. That chance led to the creation of a genuine melodic house & melodic techno pack that captures the unadulterated spirit of what these fascinating genres genuinely have to offer.

4. Aiwaska

The unidentified producer’s project, Aiwaska, features organic sounds and analog synthesizers to create a meditative and spiritual feel. It’s a philosophy as well as music. A flawless combination of melodic house rhythm, ultra-popular melodic techno vibes, analog bass lines, and captivating atmospheres. Download your copy today so you won’t miss out on this magnificent sample bundle.

5. Samplelife – Art Of Us

Melodic techno is probably one of the genres that requires the most effort to properly master in terms of sound design when it comes to production. Rich and delicate melodic layers are necessary, yet without the correct sonic palette, specifics may be lost in the overall mix. Fortunately, this sample pack contains all the tools a producer could possibly need to generate some of the best melodic techno tracks ever.

Image Credits: Tom Pottiger

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