VELVE announces new album ANALOG with latest single NAVIGATION

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The debut single ‘NAVIGATION’ from VELVE’s highly anticipated album ANALOG is now out, showcasing her distinctive sound and setting the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

VELVE emerges as a sonic architect, skillfully molding the pulse and progression of electronic music with a distinctive flair and visionary approach. The recent release ‘NAVIGATION’, extracted from her forthcoming album ANALOG, stands as yet another milestone in her illustrious career as an exceptional female singer, composer, and producer, reaffirming her position as a trailblazer in the realm of innovative soundscapes.

In her groundbreaking album ANALOG, VELVE masterfully crafts a signature sound devoid of digital elements, relying solely on two analog synthesizers and her captivating voice. The hard-hitting 4/4 kicks and intricate oscillator emulations seamlessly merge into a tapestry of percussive and ambient complexities. Beyond its sonic innovation, ANALOG serves as a provocative manifesto against the encroaching standardization in art and music driven by artificial intelligence.

VELVE, driven by a desire to counteract the threat to livelihoods, freedom of expression, and democracy, confronts the implications of AI in tracks like ‘LUCA’ and ‘CHAMPAGNE’, skillfully blending cyborg and gender effects to explore the unsettling prospect of AI replacing humanity and ushering in a disconcerting equilibrium. Throughout the album, VELVE’s soul-soothing voice navigates themes of social alienation, leaving a trail of diamond dust in its wake. The album cover, adorned with a coin featuring VELVE’s likeness, stands as a symbolic testament to the enduring value of human creative achievement.

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