Baladeva Balerama, Fleps – Lisboa (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

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Italy based Baladeva Balarama and Fleps join forces for the next Heinz Music release. Baladeva is one of the founders of Kamala Festival and is known for his enigmatic and deep sound. Fleps is the newest addition to the Italian electronic music scene and has quickly established himself as one to watch with his time and place transcending DJ-sets

Their two-tracker “Profondo EP” is their debut release both as collaborating artists and on the label. And they do not hold back in their introduction. The title track carries you away on a journey to distant lands with a powerful groove. Hypnotic sounds and a teasing synth draws you into their soundscape. It is lush and a little wild at the same time, giving of that beautiful dancefloor energy that we love. “Lisboa” follows the lead with a striking and mesmerising synth underlined by a driving groove on on spot percussions. Quirky elements ebb and flow through the track while the lead dynamically moves forwards building up some proper momentum, like a ship carried over the ocean by the wind.

These two tracks are the perfect introduction of the guys to the label. Welcome to the family Baladeva Balarama and Fleps!

Release date: 2023-09-01


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