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Baladeva Balerama, Fleps – Lisboa (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

Italy based Baladeva Balarama and Fleps join forces for the next Heinz Music release. Baladeva is one of the founders of Kamala Festival and is known for his enigmatic and deep sound.

Paul Ursin – Wheels Of Love (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

Our favourite Paul Ursin returns to Heinz Music with the solid tune “Wheels Of Love” accompanied by a remix from the label boss himself, Marcus Meinhardt.

Kevin Paul – Hypnotize (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

One of the big rising stars in melodic house at the moment, Kevin Paul, is back on Heinz Music with another beautiful and strong EP. And “Hypnotize” does exactly what it promises.

Aaron Suiss, Mark Valsecchi Feat. Montana – Fall Away (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

Aaron Suiss has had a wicked year packed with strong releases, and is asserting himself as one of the most important names to watch in the coming time.

Elec & Dave Dinger – Strangelet (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

Everyone’s favourite Elec and Dave Dinger join forces for the new Heinz Music release. Known for their adventurous sets that always have a dash of magic to them, these playful musical wizards are ready to cast a new spell on you.

Alexander Aurel – Mother (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

Longtime label friend Alexander Aurel is back with a mesmerising 3 track EP. This incredible artist always manages to capture his listeners with genre bending soundscapes which has led him to release on some of the greatest labels around.

Kevin Paul – Antara (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

After starting the year with a bang, Heinz Music is now ready to continue the onwards journey into a year filled with hope.