Boys Noize, Laidback Luke & Kleerup, exclusively on Anotherblock!

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Anotherblock is making waves in the world of electronic music and blockchain with the release of three unique music collectibles on Saturday, August 12. This collection, focused on dance music, is the third project to be unveiled on the new Base blockchain during Coinbase’s Onchain Summer event – a major activation featuring partners like Coca-Cola, Atari, and OpenSea.

At the heart of this initiative is anotherblock‘s aim to establish a platform that allows fans to own their favorite songs and contribute to a thriving open market for cherished music. The company’s innovative approach is ushering in a cultural transformation, empowering both artists and fans. The collection’s unveiling introduces three drops from prominent music figures: Boys Noize, Laidback Luke, and Kleerup. This selection encompasses a blend of unreleased tracks and timeless classics, curated to resonate with a diverse audience.

The drops are presented in collaboration with Onchain Summer, a platform where Coinbase joins forces with top builders, artists, brands, and products to showcase the burgeoning onchain culture. With nearly a million users already engaged, this collaboration reflects the growing significance of blockchain technology in various domains.

Oscar Mörke, Head of Product at anotherblock, highlights the transformative potential of going onchain in the ever-evolving music landscape. This approach not only facilitates the ownership of music but also encourages a sense of connection and involvement. Mörke emphasizes that this venture is about more than collecting; it’s about feeling the rhythm and becoming an integral part of the music you love.

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The lineup of drops is as enticing as it is diverse:

Boys Noize presents “ICH R U,” celebrating its 10-year anniversary. A Berliner and renowned DJ, ALEX RIDHA embodies the evolution of 21st-century techno, house, and electro. As an international festival headliner and producer, he has a strong foothold in both the mainstream and the underground scene.

Laidback Luke shares “Originator,” an unreleased track exclusively for the Base community. This iconic DJ and producer’s contribution not only showcases his talent but also commemorates the one-year anniversary of anotherblock’s “Weekend on a Tuesday” genesis drop.

Kleerup, the Swedish electro-pop legend known for “With Every Heartbeat” featuring Robyn, offers a never-before-heard demo. This unique preview grants listeners pre-access to the ownership of his upcoming single “PARADISE” in the fall. By involving his audience in his creative process, Kleerup forges a deeper connection between artist and fan.

Embracing onchain technology, anotherblock is reshaping the landscape of music ownership. This innovation allows fans to become genuine stakeholders in the artistic process, fostering a heightened appreciation for the music they hold dear. The drops will be accessible for a limited 48-hour window, commencing on Saturday, August 12, at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 6 pm CET. This event marks anotherblock’s continued commitment to forging a dynamic synergy between dance music and innovation.
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