Armin van Buuren makes history with UNTOLD at the Burj Khalifa

In a breathtaking spectacle that left the world in awe, Armin van Buuren, the legendary Dutch DJ, recently shattered records by performing a mesmerizing...

The Weeknd announces his ‘final feature’ until Daft Punk get back together

He shared the news during a performance in Warsaw, Poland, as part of his After Hours Til Dawn tour.

Google and Universal Music Group set to reach deal regarding AI ‘deepfakes’

It's confirmed that Google and Universal Music Group (UMG) are currently working together to form a partnership that would allow deepfakes to be used, but with royalties awarded directly to the record label.

10 facts about CamelPhat

CamelPhat, the dynamic duo consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, has taken the global music scene by storm with their distinctive sound and electrifying performances. From chart-topping hits to industry recognition and award nominations, check out ten facts about the duo below.

Reinier Zonneveld breaks The Guinness World Record for the longest live electronic set

Reinier Zonneveld has etched his name in the annals of electronic music history by smashing the Guinness World Record for the longest live set...

Swedish House Mafia Teases New Album with ‘Ray of Solar’

Get ready for a thrilling new chapter as the Swedish House Mafia teases their upcoming album with their new release 'Ray of Solar'. Swedish House...